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Nahal Akrabim is a long and fairly difficult trail and those who persevere reap the benefits of the stream found at the end of the trail. The stream is seasonal and passes between HaMakhtesh HaKatan (The Small Crater) which is a geological erosion landform in the Negev and Ma'ale Akrabim (Scorpion Ascent). There is a rather steep descent on the trail of about seven kilometers. The trail take about five hours and along the way hikers get to enjoy features such as canyons, narrow crevices, stunning rock falls, deep cisterns, high cliffs, escarpments caused by erosion, and more. At the end of the trail the Nahal Akrabim pours into Nahal Zin. The majority of the trail is not difficult but there are parts that require effort and an overcoming of fear of heights. One should be careful not to come at certain times in the winter when there is a danger of floods. The trail is not circular and a vehicle should be left at the finish point by the Zin Spring.


address: Road number 227

Categories : Nature Parks

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