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Nahal Revivim is a forty-six-kilometer-long wadi in the south of Israel. The wadi begins in the area of the lake of Yeruham and finishes at Park Golda. The stream is seasonal and is surrounded by meadow saffron. Birds such as coots, loons and mallards can be spotted in the area. In Arabic, the name of Nahal Revivim is the word for suckle. According to the legend, when Abraham exiled Hagar from his house she left with a camel and her son Ishmael. When she arrived here, her water ran out. She then put Ishmael down in the wadi and the thirsty baby kicked and wherever his heels kicked, water sprang out. Nahal Revivim has about one earthquake every fifty years and the earthquakes rate a strong 6-7 on the Richter Scale.


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