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In the fifties, the KKL planted trees in what is now known as Yeruham Lake Park, located west of the town of Yeruham. In the eighties more trees were added around the lake as well as lawns and a playground. The manmade lake is located in the center of the park. The intention was to use the water for agricultural use but when that failed the site turned into a cesspool due to water from nearby oxidation pools leaking into it. In the early nineties the Yeruham Lake Park was revived with the help of an effluent recycling plant that was constructed on the outskirts of the city of Yeruham. Nowadays, after years of neglect, it is finally a pleasure to visit this manmade lake and the green groves surrounding it. When visiting down south, make sure to take time to visit this out of the way oasis in the hills of the northern Negev. There are picnic tables around the lake and overnight camping sites in the park.


address: from highway 40, turn east at HaNegev Junction to highway 224, turn west and then south as the Dimona Junction to highway 204.

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