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In 1983, on the fortieth anniversary of Kibbutz Revivim in the Negev, the hilltop was turned into a museum. Original buildings were restored and visitors to the museum can relive the experience of the first settlers who lived there and fought there during the War of Independence. Visitors learn about the beginning of Zionist settlement in the Negev.


address: Route 40 to Tlamim Junction

phone: 08-656-2570

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Robert R. Weiss
Member of chasali near revivim 0.png reviewed January 26, 2013

1947 till 1949 I was a member of Chasli, 15 km south of Beersheba. We were 23 chawerim (6 Girls). 4 killed in action, 7 wounded, Including 2 girls.. Chasali had no water !! We had to truck in Water from Revivim. Our daily water ration was 2l litter/per person I can not find any mention of Chasali or Chalutza in ny of the maps

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