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Southern Israel Attractions

Southern Israel may be mostly desert but boring it is certainly not! Visitors to southern Israel will find a plethora of attractions awaiting them. One can choose to explore the desert dunes by bike, donkey or camel by renting one's preferred form of travel for the day. There is a winery and dairy farm for those who enjoy explore new places through the food and drink. For the adventurous there is the desert archery park, for the musical the jazz club in Mitzpe Ramon and for those looking for something different there is the Alpaca Farm in Mitzpe Ramon. Whatever kind of experience you’re looking for in the south you can find it in the attractions offered down here.

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The Mamshit Camel Ranch is a camel farm located on the edge of a desert cliff in the Negev. It sits nestled in the golden sands, near the ruins of the ancient Nabatean city Kurnub-Mamshit (thirty minutes from Be'er Sheva, two hours from Tel aviv and forty-five minutes from the Dead Sea hotels). On site are two authentic Bedouin tents made of sheep wool and goat hair that are specially designed for receiving guests and groups of visitors and a camel yard that is home to thirty-five trained camels. The ranch offers a variety of camel riding tours, trips and safaris across the desert. Among the experiences that are on offer; • Camel rides inside the Manege for a short, memorable experience and photo opportunity. • Hour-long camel rides along the Incense Route with a view of the Nabatean city and the Yamin Plain • Two-hour camel rides along the northern Incense Route, a view of the Nabatean city as well as of Hitann Wadi, Yamin Plain and the Machlik Wadi. • Four-hour camel rides with views of the Mamshit Wadi, Nabatean terraces, Be'er Ratav, Yamin Plain and the Machlik Wadi. Light refreshments are also served. • Two Day Camel Safari-Passing by the Hittan Wadi, Um Botna, Nakev Hatira, the Big Crater, Ein Yorkam, the Mamshit Wadi, Be'er Ratav and the Machlik Wadi. The safari includes full board from lunch on the first day to lunch on the second day and outdoor accommodation in sleeping bags. All necessary equipment such as towels, sleeping bags and mattresses is provided. The Safari is suitable only for those above the age of ten. How to get there: off route 25, about 6km from Dimona (coming from Be'er Sheva), turn right at the road sign to Mamshit and immediately left to the Camel Farm.

The Philip Carriage Farm in the northern Negev offers donkey rides in the Negev desert. Tours last between a half hour and two hours and include a light Bedouin meal. Each trip finishes on the farm and groups can then hear a lecture about the history of the area, from the time of the Canaanites until Israel's War of Independence. Fresh farm produce is sold at the entrance to the farm- such as Pitta breads with labane, olive oil produced on the farm, jams and natural oils. The farm is also a good place to stop off on a trip down south. Where is the farm: On road 40, 14km south of the Plugot Junction, north of the Kama Junction. About a half-hour drive from Be'er Sheva and an hour drive from Tel aviv.
The Tze'ela Dairy Farm on Moshav Ein Habsor is located in the western Negev and produces dairy products from sheep. The farm has been around for over forty years. Today, four families live on the farm and make their living from growing barley, potatoes, wheat, asparagus, dairy and meat products. Visitors to the farm are invited to view the milking area and to learn about the fascinating history of the place, preparation of cheese, care of the sheep and life on the farm. In addition, visitors are invited to taste the various cheeses produced by the farm. On site there are places to sit, a hot drinks stand, shady areas and a shop that sells the cheeses and products of the area. In the courtyard of the dairy farm is a gallery that displays 100% wooden products. One can book in advance in order to receive meals for groups; meals that are based on the cheeses of the dairy farm. Additionally, it is possible to order picnic dinners and workshops on cheese preparation. Where: Road 232, half a kilometer south of Moshav Ein Habsor, there are signs on the main road and a turning onto a dirt road- continue until you reach the electric gate and then phone us in order to open it.

The Ze'elim Turkish Spa is located on the Kibbutz of Ze'elim. Visitors to the Kibbutz can enjoy accommodation in the middle of the beautiful Negev desert and as a part of their visit can enjoy a truly unique spa experience, styled after a Turkish hamam. Massages and treatments are available by prior arrangement. The spa is based on mineral waters that come from deep within the earth and the guesthouse also includes a dry sauna, Jacuzzi and swimming pool. Where: From Be'er Sheva drive until you reach Gilat Junction, road 25, turn left towards Ofakim, road 241, at the Urim Junction turn left towards Ze'elim, road 234.

La Medavesh Store and Bicycle Center offers a unique biking experience in Southern Israel. One can depart from La Medavesh on bicycle trips, be they challenging routes or more comfortable, family-friendly routes. Groups can set out with or without a guide. Advice and guidance is provided, helping you find the perfect group for your needs. Children, families, youth, religious people, companies and others can all be catered to. La Medavesh is situated in the Negev, at the entrance to Kibbutz Be'eri and offers bicycle rental, a professional bicycle store, a workshop, a cafeteria and road services.

The Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Visitor Center in Ramat Hovav is situated in the Negev and opened in 2011. The Center provides answers to fascinating questions relating to medicine, treatments, how medicines are produced and much more. The tour at the Center is experiential, including 3D films, interactive games, scientific tasks and even a structure that simulates a reactor where chemical processes are being performed. The tour in the center lasts about an hour and takes place at the Teva-Tech plant.

 (visits must be pre-arranged)
Sfinat HaMidbar (Hebrew for Desert Ship) is an inn that is situated in the heart of the Negev, across from Golda Park, twenty minutes from Be'er Sheva. The inn is in the middle of an area that offers multiple attractions. The inn offers lodging, camel trips, fun days, workshops, attractions, meals, Bedouin hospitality, family events, social functions and more. There is the possibility to sleep in an authentic Bedouin tent or in bungalows or guesthouses. The inn restaurant offers authentic Bedouin food, breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are activities available for individuals, groups and families.
The Chavat Za'ak Winery is situated in the northern Negev in the Zaak Farm, on the Tel aviv- Be'er Sheva road. Dudi Dahan, the owner of the farm lives there since 2003 and cares for the Zaak and the abandoned, ancient village remains found there. Along with guest rooms, special tents for entertaining and camping grounds, there is also a winery on the farm. There is a guided tour of the winery that explains the production process in a special wine cave. The wine cave is a stunning boutique winery that is romantic, unique and magical. The tour includes an explanation of the tools and machines used in the production of the wine from the harvesting of the grapes until the closing of the bottle caps. Wine tasting is included in the tour.
The Rota Farm was set up in 2004 by the agriculturist and artist Erez Rota. The farm is a half-hour drive from Be'er Sheva, close to Kibbutz Revivim and contains remains from an ancient farm that was existed there about 1500 years ago. The farm is known for its famous winery; the Rota Winery. The wines produced here are made from top-quality grapes that come from organic vineyards. The vineyards are cared for entirely by human hands- no mechanical machines are used. The wines produced include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz and Muscat of Alexandria. The vineyard currently produces about 10,000 bottles annually. There are guided tours of the winery that last about 45 minutes.

Chai Negev is an educational activity center located in Kibbutz Revivim in the Negev. The goal of Chai Negev is to expose children to the natural world and heighten their sensitivity to what goes on in the natural environment around them, while creating a connection to the Negev. Chai Negev is an ecological village built of mud bricks and wood and includes a zoological park that is home to a variety of desert animals. There is also accommodation offered on site, from group tents and mud brick guesthouses to the more conventional guesthouses.

In 1983, on the fortieth anniversary of Kibbutz Revivim in the Negev, the hilltop was turned into a museum. Original buildings were restored and visitors to the museum can relive the experience of the first settlers who lived there and fought there during the War of Independence. Visitors learn about the beginning of Zionist settlement in the Negev.
The Be'erotayim Desert Inn is located on route 211, near to Nitsanah in the Negev. A herd of twenty-five camels is found on site and guests are invited to explore the surrounding desert in the same way that ancient travelers would have done. There are camel caravan tours led by staff members during which visitors learn about the history of the area, stories associated with the area and the flora and fauna found there. The tours last between an hour and a half and eight hours depending on what kind of tour the visitors want. Meals are prepared and eaten outdoors using traditional desert herbs and methods, adding to the authentic desert experience.
The Alpaca Farm in Mitzpe Ramon is the only place in the world where over 400 exotic alpacas and llamas are raised and cared for. Visitors can hand-feed the friendly alpacas and llamas and watch them as they go about their fascinating daily activities; courting, spitting and sand-bathing. Visitors also learn about the Andes mountains- the homeland of the alpacas. There is also a Wool House where visitors can try their hand at weaving alpaca wool. Children up to 25kg can also ride an alpaca- an adventure that few children will experience. Older children can ride a pony or donkey. There is also a café on site. How to get there: from Be'er Sheva, 80km to Mitzpe Ramon, 4 minutes from there to the farm.
The Nitzanim Sand Dune Park is located close to the city of Ashdod and is a good representation of the landscape on which most of Israel was constructed by pioneers following the various waves of Aliyah and the establishment of the state in 1948. Until only a number of decades ago sand dunes dominated the coast of Israel but with time cities, industrial areas and power plants have taken over and the dune landscape is rapidly disappearing. The largest remaining stretch of coastal sand dunes is the one that exists between the cities of Ashdod and Ashkelon. The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel has initiated a drive to protect the remaining sand dunes due to the importance and uniqueness of the area. The Nitzanim Dune Park extends over eleven square kilometers. The park combines one of the most beautiful coasts in Israel, vegetation and a clean shore. How to get there: From the Ashdod-Ashkelon Road (Road 4). About a half kilometer north of the Eshkolot Junction turn west (right for those coming from Ashdod) on to Nitzanim Shore, Road 1363.
Established in 2007 by Gadi Lybrock, the Mitzpe Ramon Jazz Club hosts both local and touring musicians. The club is far from the noise of the city and provides a warm home for musicians and music lovers. The breath-taking landscape adds to the great atmosphere of the place and it is a pleasant place to hang out in, have a drink and listen to some fantastic music. The Club encourages local musicians by providing them with rehearsal space, as well as providing a place for students to attend music lessons. The Club also operates music lessons in the schools in the area. The club is run entirely by volunteers and all income is directed towards supporting music education and musicians in Mitzpe Ramon, as well as cooperative projects among Negev residents.

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