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HaNissim Shel HaShef (The Chef's Miracles and a play on the Chef's name, Nissim) is a stunning, spacious hut that serves as a guesthouse, located in the community of Tzochar. The dreamy guesthouse is situated next to the rustic restaurant which is also owned by the owners of the guesthouse, Nissim and Shosh. Nissim is the Chef and Shosh sees to the hosting side of things and the creation of a romantic atmosphere. The menu is of the French Rustic style and includes homemade pastas, fresh, steamed seafood, aged meats and more. The meal in the restaurant is called "The Meal of Surprises," is offered according to personal preferences and does indeed include surprises. The meal includes first, course, main course, dessert, hot and cold drinks, a bottle of wine, salads and side dishes.


phone: 08-998-2379\052-432-9599

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