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Jaffa Flea Market Jaffa Flea Market provides an authentic market experience for visitors with bargains galore. rating : 4.5 4.5 0 out of 5 / 26 votes

The Jaffa Flea Market ("Shuk HaPishPishim" in Hebrew) is one of the main attractions in the Old jaffa city. Any visitor looking for antiques, second-hand treasures, bargains or simply a fantastic experience must make sure to visit the Flea Market. It is situated not far from the Clock Tower and provides the full market experience- the sounds of the haggling, the smells of the produce, the interaction with the merchants and the exciting atmosphere of the give-and-take between buyer and seller.
The Jaffa Flea Market is made up of three areas- on the main street are the antique furniture, carpets and oriental ornaments shops, on the two, covered alleys one can find clothing, jewelry and souvenirs and the open market is where the second-hand goods are.
The Jaffa Flea Market has come a long way from it's beginnings- the name "Flea Market" is due to the fact that the second-hand clothes that used to be sold there would literally be crawling with fleas. Thankfully, today one can get the authentic yet cleaner "Flea Market Experience" alongside the hippy restaurants, cafés and art galleries that have sprung up in the wake of the area's development and successful attraction of a younger crowd. In the summer, the Flea Market is open on Thursday nights, with live music creating a great atmosphere.
You  can buy almost anything at the Flea Market; toys, clothing, jewelry, Judaica, Persian tiles, shoes, old records, and the list goes on. The prices depend on your haggling abilities but one thing is for sure- the Jaffa Flea Market makes for a fantastically entertaining day out, allowing the visitor to enjoy the feel of an old Middle Eastern market and possibly walking away with some smashing bargains.


address: Between Yefet Street and Jerusalem Blvd, not far from the Clock Tower.

Open Hours: Sun-Thu 10:00-18:00, Fri 10:00-14:00

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Shirley C.
Great place to visit reviewed July 22, 2013

Great atmosphere at Jaffa flea market, nice things, also during night time!!
mina d
costom hand mad shose - VIDA reviewed April 25, 2013

A colorful shop located opposite lane from Abulafia Bakery in the littel ally name Hahalfanim (enter fromYefet). Custom shoes handmade for women. Within 5 days preparing personal shoe, I chose the skin color height. If you come for a short visit more then you can get the shoe in the mail. Charming. Recommended for all fans of fashion and shoes.
Great Place!! reviewed August 10, 2012

Jaffa flea market is a great place for shopping during the day, and fun place during the shops, restaurants, bars...great atmosphere.... Loved it!!

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