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Metzitzim Beach Metzitzim beach has a positively urban and bohemian feel to it rating : 4 4 0 out of 5 / 12 votes

The Metzitzim Beach was formerly known as the Sheraton Beach because the Sheraton Hotel used to be located by this beach. Nowadays, it goes by Metzitzim, named after a legendary Israeli movie from the seventies of the same name. Metzitzim beach is the most northern of all Tel Avivian beaches and definitely has more of an urban feel to it than other beaches.
Metzitzim Beach has a bohemian feeling to it and attracts beautiful, young people as well as families. The water is not always the cleanest but is always calm due to the man-made lagoon. There is a café-restaurant on the beach, newly refurbished showers and toilets, a beach bar that is open in the evening, two volleyball courts, facilities for the handicapped and a children's playground.


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