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Tel Aviv Live Music

Tel aviv is home to a number of excellent live music venues offering an eclectic range of entertainment. Whatever you are looking for; rock, jazz, electronic or punk, you can find it in Tel Aviv.  Here’s a taste of what's on offer…

Barby is one of the favorite live music clubs with leading Israeli artists featuring every night. Worth calling in advance to make sure they're not sold out.
Zappa is another fantastic venue and is located in Ramat Hahayal, featuring a great sound system and some of the best Israeli artists on the scene.
Hangar 11 is one of the largest live music venues in the city and musical performers from abroad are often hosted.

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Barby is a legendary, tiny live concert joint which hosts some of Israel's best artists with a different artist performing every night. Barby's ultimate aim is to promote Israeli music and culture. Since it was established in 1994, Barby has been the place that gives young, budding performers the stage along with more matured acts. Barby also occasionally hosts  performers from abroad. Tickets sell out overnight so make sure to preorder.

Ozen Bar is the heart of local independent and alternative music, located on the first floor of a stunning old building in the center of Tel aviv. The bar is situated above the store called The Third Ear. Local music, both Hebrew and English, are on offer at Ozen Bar. An entry fee may be requested if you arrive at the beginning of a performance. This is the perfect place to get a taste of the local music scene from all different genres.

Not far from the famous Rothschild Blvd stands the ultra-hip underground club- Radio E.P.G.B.

If you are looking for the alternative night life, art and fashion scene- this is the place to go.

Free shows, live DJ's from all around the world and a varied alcohol bar- are only few of the reasons why this place is so hipe.

Reading 3 is located in the northern part of the Tel aviv Port and the love for music that was the basis for its establishment is reflected clearly in the lighting and sound systems that are among the most advanced in the world. The huge stage hosts musical performances and different artistic programs from within Israel and from around the world. There is also a restaurant on site which provides drinks and snacks for the patrons of the club.

The Zappa Club has been open for less than a decade in Tel aviv and in this time has made a name for itself as an international-level live performances club and simultaneously improved tremendously the standards of live performance clubs in Israel so much so that they are on par today with cities in Europe and the USA. Once a month the club hosts some of the best Israeli artists as well as inviting leading international artists to perform who represent a wide range of musical genres. There is also a top-quality restaurant on site as well as a well-stocked bar, both of which add to the all-round perfect musical experience.

Bar Giora is a multi-level  entertainment venue which offers a lovely evening out. On entering the establishment there is a bistro with a great selection of food. Further in one can find the bar. The main attraction, however, is the small intimate lounge in the basement which serves as a live music performance area with different acts every evening. The audience is young and vibrant, the performers varied and coming from an array of different musical genres- blues, jazz, rock and acoustic, to name just a few. Monday evenings are open stage and there is a DJ in the house on Fridays.

The charming Bialik Café on Allenby Street offers classic Israeli café fare and is known for its excellent coffee and drinks. What really makes this establishment stand out is that it hosts local musicians almost every evening as well as showcase exhibitions by young artists. The atmosphere is laid-back, the food tasty and the staff very friendly.
Levontin 7, one of the hottest stages in Tel-Aviv for live shows. performances range from electronic music to rock and jazz. Upstairs you can find a comfortable bar with good varied music(usually by a live dj).

Hangar 11 is located in the Tel aviv Port, offering a fantastic view of the sea, easy access and plenty of parking. The establishment's impressive size and state-of-the-art technical equipment ensure a fantastic experience for those who come to see the many shows and concerts on offer.

Tsuzamen (a Yiddish word meaning "together"), is a neighborhood music bar that strives to be a place that provides excellent service, excellent music and excellent prices. The pub aims to accept everyone, musicians and customers alike, and to provide them with the best possible service. Young musicians perform on a daily basis; the goal being to expose customers to artists who do not appear on playlists- young, diverse, original and live talent.
The alcohol menu in Tsuzamen offers a variety of beers, vodkas and whiskeys, tequilas, liquor, cognacs and cocktails, to name just a few.

Rothschild 12 is not just another bar. The front part- which in the summer days is in the open air- is a cafe and a great place to have breakfast or lunch. The rear part is a bigger space with a bar and a stage for free late night live shows.

Rothschild 12 is named by it's address, a beautiful Blvd in the heart of Tel-Aviv.
Mike's Place, a famous restaurant chain est. 1992. The restaurant offers a good international food- based on the American and Mexican kitchen- alcohol, sports and free live music.


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