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Opera Tower The Opera Tower contains a shopping mall, cinema, fitness center and restaurants. rating : 0 No votes yet

One of the city's famous buildings, the Opera Tower is situated at the corner of Allenby, Herbert Samuel and HaYarkon Streets. The Opera Tower is home to residential apartments, a shopping mall, a cinema, a fitness centre, restaurant and a private swimming pool for the tower's residents at the base of the building.
The Opera Tower is built on the same place that the old Opera House stood on and the exterior shape of the base building is identical to the one of the old Opera House. Three floors of the Opera Tower are used commercially, including Israeli designers, jewelry, ceramics, Judaica, fashion, furniture, six eateries and five cinema halls. There is full air-conditioning in the Opera Tower, making for a pleasant shopping experience. In addition, the Opera Tower hosts exhibitions and artistic activities.


address: Junction of 1 Allenby Street, opposite the promenade.

phone: +972-3-5107496

Categories : Shopping , Malls

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