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Israeli Food – An introduction to the Israeli Cuisine

The food of israel is an important part of the culture.  The cuisine is a combination of local dishes from native Jews of Israel and the dishes that came to Israel by the Jew from the Diaspora.  Along with the traditional cuisine, Israeli Jewish fusion cuisine has gained recognition of its own, particularly since the 1970s.

Israeli cuisine adapts to different types of Jewish styles of cooking.  Some styles such as the hearty Central and Eastern European style of Ashkenazi Jews and the lighter Mediterranean dishes of Sephardic and Mizrahi.  The foods and flavors of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines are incorporated in Israeli cuisine.

 Israeli Couscous
Lunchtime in Israel is when couscous is often enjoyed.  Israeli couscous, also known as ptitim, is versatile with chicken, meat, or vegetarian meals and easy to prepare.  Since Israeli couscous does not clump like North African couscous, it can be served hot or cold and still retain its shape.  A hot serving of couscous can be made with hot milk and sugar.  Couscous can easily be used as a substitute for pasta or rice.



A common feature in daily meals is hummus.  It has gained popularity with Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs that hummus has earned the status of “national food symbol”.  Israel reportedly consumes more than twice the amount of hummus than neighboring Arab countries, from which hummus originates.



Shakshuka is an egg dish that is also a favorite of Israel.  This winter dish consists of eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce.  The cast iron pan becomes the serving dish as bread is available to sop up the sauce.




Falafel can be served as a snack or as a small dish served as part of a meze.  The falafel ball or patty is deep-fried mixture of chickpeas, fava beans, or a combination of both.  The falafel can be served as a meal-on-the-go, often in a pita pocket or flatbread called lafa.  Common toppings on a falafel include salads and pickled vegetables.  Sauces that complement the falafel are hot sauce or tahini drizzled on top.



This is a type of Israeli food you won’t find anywhere else. ) Jachnun is a traditional dish coming from the Yemenite cuisine. It is traditionally from rolled dough , baked on very low heat for about long hours. Jachnun is usually served with a tomato dip, hard boiled eggs, and traditional hot sauce. The dough used for jachnun is the same as that used for Malawach. Jachnun has become popular in Israel among many ethnic groups. Now it also sold frozen can be consumed as a fast food.


Cow Chocolate Bar

This chocolate bar has been the most popular chocolate in Israel since its establishment. It is simple but delicious and favored by adults as well as children . Today it comes in many variants and flavors: dark chocolate, cookie mix, candies and much more. The sweet taste of Israel!



Bamba Osem

If you ever been to Israel, you must have tried the state’s most popular snack – Bamba. Manufactured by Osem food company. You can hardly find someone in Israel who has not grown  on this snack in childhood.


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