Red Canyon Trail

The Red Canyon trail is a short, child-friendly trail in the Eilat Mountains. The trail is only 200 meters long, is deep and has stunning red-colored sandstone with additional shades of purple and white. The desert scenery is simply breath-taking. Make sure not to visit when there are warnings of floods because the canyon gets heavily flooded at such times and is extremely dangerous. One can book a tour in advance which may include a number of other sites too or one can choose to go solo.



address: 15km north of Eilat on route 12 follow the road signs that direct you on to a non-paved yet solid road.

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  • Stunning cliffs and canyon
    The Red Canyon can be located on a 20 minute scenic drive north of Eilat along Hwy 12. The road winds along the Israel/Egypt border. You’ll see the sign for the Red Canyon on your right. Drive in and follow the dirt road (about 5 min) to a gravel parking area. For a one hour hike, follow the “green” trail, which leads right into the canyon. As soon as you park the car, just follow the trail that is most obvious. You’re on the right track. You’ll see the “green” trail markings along the way. The parks authorities have made it really easy to climb up and down the rocks – It’s totally safe for a person to go on their own (if you don’t have a travel mate). You’ll follow the green route along the bottom of the canyon, then return along the top of the canyon in a loop trail. At the end of the “short” green trail – you’ll see an English sign pointing you in the direction of the trail that leads along the top of the canyon and back to the parking lot. The views from below (inside the canyon) and above (from the cliffs) are very beautiful and incredible to observe. This is not a difficult trail so don’t be shy. If you’re visiting Eilat, hike the Red Canyon. You won’t be disappointed.


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