Noah’s Ark

Visit the Noah’s Ark site in Kvutzat Kinneret Kibbutz in the Jordan Valley for the ultimate tomcar (off-road utility vehicle) and biking experience. There are a range of trails available to explore in tomcars, with each outing led by a professional, qualified guide. The tomcars are all insured and the trails carefully tested. Those who want to drive a tomcar must have a license. The tomcars have been approved by the Technion and meet the strictest European and American standards.
There are also bicycles available for rent including child seats that can be attached to the bicycles. It is also possible to arrange specially-planned activities in the Jordan Valley and Golan heights area in advance. Picnics can also be included for twenty people and more, including vegetarian options.



address: Kvutzat Kinneret Kibbutz, Jordan Valley

phone: 050-7647-195\054-6666-683

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