Dvorat HaTavor Honey Farm

Dvorat HaTavor (Bee of the Tabor) is an authentic silk and honey farm located on the Shadmot Dvora moshav in the lower Galilee. Visitors to the visitor’s center are invited to take part in a unique live demonstration of the production of honey and silk. This is the only active silk farm in Israel and was founded in 1939 when the moshav itself was founded. There are activities for children on offer (suitable from the age of three) as well as explanations about the healing capacities of honey. It is possible to book a tour in English. The site includes parking, toilets, a kiosk and a gift shop.



phone: 04-6769-598

Open Hours: Every Day 9:00-15:00

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2 thoughts on “Dvorat HaTavor Honey Farm

  • An incredible not-to-be-missed experience for all ages!!! We were unexpectedly delighted by a personal tour of Dvorat haTavor. Educational and hands on activities are sure to delight! Silkworms and the production of silk and wonderful farm animals al
    We were pleasantly surprised at the variety of activities for all ages. Candle making from beeswax; bee costumes for the little ones; watching the beekeeper gather honey from the hives at a protected location- all were wonderful! We learned about the life cycle of bees and practical applications for all their products. We loved learning the history of beekeeping from ancient times to modern. The silkworm museum features a short film as well as interesting displays. Mulberry trees (toot etz) were in full bloom and the berries ready to be sampled. Petting zoo with farm animals; picnic facilities; clean bathrooms; and gift shop on site. Allow 2 hours. Reservations necessary. Tours in English, Hebrew & Arabic. Lots of free handouts and crafts for all ages. Thou roughly enjoyable! A must-do!!!

  • Great family attraction
    One of the great family attractions in the Lower Galilee is Dvorat HaTavor Honey Bee and Silk Worm Farm at Moshav Shadmot Devorah. There are tours of the farm in English or Hebrew of how the beehives work and how honey is made. You’ll also get a tour and explanation of how silk worms make silk. There are arts and crafts activities for younger children as well as a petting farm. It’s fun and educational for the whole family. Plan for a couple of hours to enjoy all the sights and activities.


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