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Tel Megiddo National Park

Tel Megiddo is an impressive national park near the town of Afula, one of the most important archaeological sites in Israel that dates back to the time of the Bible. Megiddo is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005 and the remains of several civilizations there draw huge numbers of visitors and pilgrims. Tel Megiddo was a key location on the sea road, known by the Romans as Via Maris that led from Egypt to Damascus. It has a long history of upheavals and conquests. Settlers in ancient times were attracted to the nearby springs and fertile grounds that the area had to offer. 5,000 years ago it was city surrounded by formidable walls. A thousand years later it fell under Egyptian rule. It was then conquered by the Canaanites and then by King David. King David’s son, Solomon refortified the city and it reached its peak under King Ahab around 2,900 years ago. Impressive water works were built in the city by Ahab. Israelite Megiddo fell to the Assyrians in 732 BCE and was demolished in 609 BCE by the Egyptians. Today the site of Tel Megiddo exposes visitors to the glorious past of the city with paths leading through the main sites such as the City Gates and the Ivory Palace, where treasures of ancient ivory and jewelry were unearthed. In fact, the site is home to the richest Canaanite treasure ever discovered. Other notable sites include sites from the time of Ahab, waterworks with a 25-meter deep shaft and a 70-meter tunnel leading to the springs to the west of the Tel. There is also a museum on site which displays the history of Megiddo, including a film about the site. The northern part of the Tel has a stunning view of the Jezreel Valley while the southern part has an arbor for praying. Where: On route 66



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