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Tzalmon Nature Reserve

Somewhere between the Lower and Upper Galilee is an elusive stream that changed its course a long time ago. The Hebrew name of the stream is Nahal Tzalmon, meaning Calmness, which is not quite the case on holidays and Saturdays when the site is filled to the brim with locals and tourist who come to enjoy one of the only streams in the country that is full all year round. The footpath around the stream is an easy one with flourmills dotted around and plenty of pleasant shady areas to sit in. The trail around the Tzalmon can take anywhere between half an hour and a full day. Some places in the stream allow visitors to bathe whereas others are only just high enough for paddling in. the route is a perfect one for a family and a visit is highly recommended, thought be warned, Saturdays are very, very busy. How to get there: The Tzalmon Nature Reserve is located along road 804 between Rame and Hilazon Junctions.



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