Daliyat el-Carmel

Daliyat el-Carmel is a colorful Druze village that is located on the slopes of Mount Carmel that is famous for its incredible hospitality and warm nature. The Druze people are a break off from Islam and the break-off occurred about a millennium ago in Egypt. According to the Druze people, their religion is a renewal of an ancient faith that became known only to the group’s sages. Daliyat el-Carmel was established in the seventeenth century by Druze from Mount Lebanon. In 2003, Daliyat el-Carmel joined with another Druze village, Isfiya, to form a single town, known officially as Carmel. There is a wonderfully vibrant market open on Saturdays as well as dozens of shops that line the main street, offering among other things genuine Druze foods, sweet pastries, olive oil and locally produced labaneh cheese. There are also a few galleries in the market that host cultural events. Also worth a visit is the house of Sir Laurence Oliphant on 22nd Street. Sir Laurence was an Englishman who loved the Holy Land and moved there in the late nineteenth century to help the Jews who were immigrating during the First Aliya wave of immigration. Today his house is a military memorial for village residents who served in the Israel Defense Forces and gave their lives for the country. On 8th Street, one can find the Druze Heritage House that displays an exhibition about the Druze lifestyle. Villagers also host groups in their homes, offering visitors a glimpse in to their houses, culture and tradition. Genuine ethnic food is offered, traditional clothes are worn by villagers and stories are told of Druze heritage. Where: Fifteen minutes from the Ahuza section of Carmel.



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