Haifa Educational Zoo

Nestled in the heart of the mountainous neighborhood of Merkaz HaCarmel is the charming Gan Ha’Em Park, home to the 7.5 acre Haifa Educational Zoo. The Haifa Educational Zoo is considered one of the most contemporary zoos in the world, with no thick walls between the animals and visitors, new cages bringing the animals much closer to the visitors and a pleasant feeling of animals being able to roam in a natural-forest-setting.
Walking along the shady paths one comes into contact with approximately 350 different kinds of animals- including favorites such as monkeys, lions and tigers, rare Israeli species, rare species from around the world, snakes in the impressive reptile house, a walk-through exhibit of water birds and a petting corner for children.
The Haifa Educational Zoo is a perfect family day-out for those in the Haifa region.




address: 124 Hatishbi Street

phone: 04-937-2390

Open Hours: Summer 09:00-17:00, Winter 9:00-17:00

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Charlotte Noris

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3 thoughts on “Haifa Educational Zoo

  • Breath-taking views
    We had a great family day out here- the grounds are beautiful- almost as much as the stunning mountains surrounding the zoo. Only drawback was the poor signs in the zoo that made it hard for us to find our way out again!

  • Late Afternoon Visits Highly Recommended!
    We took the family to the zoo in the late afternoon, by which time it is much more bearable to walk around, given the cool evening breeze. We had a fantastic time, thoroughly enjoyed all the different animals- our favorites were the exotic white tigers. there is also a playground just outside of the zoo for younger children, picnic area and a merry-go-round (that only works at weekends)

  • a fun day out- even for big kids!
    My boyfriend and I went last week and we had a lot of fun- granted we didn’t understand the map they gave us at the entrance because it was in Hebrew, but nonetheless we had great fun. Relatively cheap as far as days out go- we paid 25 NIS each as students. We enjoyed the snakesand bears exhibits especially. Plus, the zoo is located at the highest stop of the Carmelit which means it’s within walking distance of other Haifa attractions as well as restaurants. Recommended for big kids too 😉


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