Haifa University

Haifa University was established in 1963 and is situated in the Carmel region, surrounded by the Carmel National Park. The University prides itself on being the most pluralistic institution of higher education in Israel with people from all walks of life, religions, cultures, beliefs and backgrounds learning together in an atmosphere of coexistence, tolerance and respect.
One can enjoy a spectacular view of Haifa and the bay from the lookout point on the Eshkol Tower which is the University’s main building. In addition, Haifa University boasts the first museum to be located on a university campus- the Hecht Archaeological Museum that displays thematic exhibits, ancient industry and craft exhibits, and a 2400-year-old sea vessel that was discovered of the coast of Kibbutz Maagan Michael. The Art Wing contains French Impressionist paintings, works from the Jewish School of Paris and pieces of art by victims of the Holocaust.
A tour of the University includes the Visitors Center and the Archaeological Museum and is completely free.



address: Abba Hushi Road

phone: 04-824-0097

Open Hours: Sun-Thu 08:00-15:00

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3 thoughts on “Haifa University

  • Nice Campus and Interesting Museum
    Very much enjoyed the Archaeological Museum on site and the green campus that was just perfect to sit and relax in

  • Lovely grounds and nice tour
    The grounds are beautiful in Haifa University and our tour around the campus given by an American student was very informative and interesting.

  • Beautiful Campus!
    Very pretty campus with many green spots to sit in and relax. Perfect for picnics!


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