Conegliano Veneto Italian Synagogue

The Conegliano Veneto Synagogue, together with the U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art, is located in the centre of Jerusalem and among the many wonderful exhibits in the small museum; one can see the oldest surviving Torah curtain/parochet which dates to 1572.

Conegliano is a small village in Italy that first had a Jewish presence from the year 1397; by the seventeenth century the Jewish community was confined to the ghetto. The new synagogue in Conegliano was built in 1701 and was used up until the First World War. In the fifties the synagogue was taken apart and sent to Israel where it was re-erected on the second floor of the German Compound, where it still stands today. The Compound was formerly a Catholic Compound, until they moved elsewhere and it was used by the Italian community for weekly prayer services. The synagogue is used until this day by the local Italian community.

Opposite the synagogue is the U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art that is comprised of four exhibition rooms which are full of Jewish Italian Heritage artifacts such as doors of a Torah Ark, a fifteenth century stone tablet, Hanukkah Candelabra, Ketubot, Torah crowns etc.

How to get there: By Bus: Any bus to downtown Jerusalem. Walk down Rehov Hillel from King George and you’ll see a courtyard on your left at #27. Walk inside the courtyard and you’ll see a sign on your left. The Museum is up one flight of stairs. By Car: Make a right off of King George onto Rehov Hillel. Paid parking is available and there’s public parking at the bottom of Rehov Hillel.

Cost: Adult 20 NIS, Child 15 NIS



address: 27 Hillel Street

phone: 02-624-1610

Open Hours: Sun, Tue, Wed 09:00-17:00, Mon 09:00-14:00, Thu, Fri 09:00-13:00, Closed on Saturdays and Jewish Holidays

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