Southern Israel

Beautiful desert landscapes, countless nature trails and various historical places of interest are just some of the attractions that the southern district of Israel has to offer.
The southern district of Israel is the largest district in Israel as well as being the most sparsely populated due to the tough desert conditions. The south district includes the Negev desert and the Arabah Valley. Israel’s South-Westerly neighbors are Egypt and Gaza- Egypt is formerly recognized as a peace-partner whilst Gaza is not.
Be’er Sheva, the largest city in the South has a rich biblical history and today is home to the highly respected Ben Gurion University.
Those looking for a relaxing vacation will find the hotels and spas in the region a welcome attraction– the Dead sea, Eilat and Ein Gedi all offer fantastic, pampering options.
Masada, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, must not be missed- the ancient fortress with a stunning view of the Dead Sea region is symbolic of the determination of the Jewish people throughout the ages.
The Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth has special properties that have been proven to be especially soothing for those with skin and respiratory problems.
The Judean Desert is home to some breathtaking trails and is the ideal location for those wanting some outdoor fun.
The Ramon Crater is the world’s largest erosion crater and forms Israel’s largest park, the Ramon Nature Reserve.
Eilat- sun, sea and sand- ’nuff said.