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“It contains some fine poetry, vivid storytelling, deep insights into the human condition and moral guidance which has stood the test of time.” (Pears Cyclopedia). This quote speaks of none other than the most-printed book of all time; the Bible. Those interested in deepening their understanding of the book that has withstood the test of time, are invited to the one-of-a-kind Bible Museum in Tel aviv.
The Bible Museum is entirely devoted to the Bible and contains artwork based on it, translations into countless, often obscure languages, reproductions of, and studies of, the Bible. There are also games, quizzes and songs aimed at children, allowing children to experience the Bible in a way that perhaps isn’t accessible to them outside of this wonderful building. The reference library in the museum contains commentaries on the Bible, books on Biblical criticism, history, geography, archaeology, and much, much more.
There is a permanent exhibition that displays a model of the Temple, costumes worn by the Priests, archaeological artifacts and other Biblical related items of interest. Another permanent exhibition, “The Bible in Art” displays paintings, sculptures and ceramics based on the Bible. Each year there is an exhibition by the name of “Israel‘s Artists paint the Bible”, whereby some of the best painters and sculptors in Israel display their pieces of art. Additionally, there is an exhibition named “Israel’s Children Paint the Bible”.
There are monthly lectures at the Bible Museum, study groups meet there and some of the top scholars in the field come to discuss and interpret Bible passages.
The Bible Museum is located at the Dizengoff House in Tel Aviv, which is the famous site of the signing of the Israeli declaration of Independence in 1948. The Prime Minister at the time, David Ben-Gurion decided that the top two floors of the house should be dedicated to the Bible and so, in 1969, the Museum of the Bible was born.
David Ben-Gurion, in his wisdom, understood then the link between the Bible and the past, present and future of the Jewish people. It is worth a trip to this Bible Museum to see for yourself the book that, for over five millennia has preserved and safe-guarded the Jewish people.



address: The Bible Museum is located in Dizengoff Housecat 16 Rothschild Blvd

phone: +972-3-5177760

Open Hours: Sun-Thu 09:00-13:00

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