Night Clubs

The club scene in Tel aviv is easily en par with that of its European counterparts. With top-quality international DJs performing regularly in Tel Avivian clubs and with each club trying to outdo the next in this city with an incredibly fast turnover rate of nightlife establishments, visitors are promised an unforgettable night out.
The clubbing scene can be roughly divided into a number of categories;
•    Mega clubs are the big clubs that can hold at least 500 people with long queues on weekends, selection at the door and excellent parties with famous DJs. Demand for such places has deteriorated recently, with people looking for more intimate, smaller affairs.
•    Boutique clubs and Dance bars of every kind imaginable, catering to the varied tastes of Israelis and tourists, sprung up in Tel Aviv in response to the desire for a more personal clubbing experience. On a good night these places can be wild, on quieter days hardly there. The kind of music played in these places varies widely from hardcore trance to oldies.