Catit Restaurant

Catit was established in the village of Kfar Ruth in 2002 and quickly became famous for the outstanding culinary experience that it offered. Meir Adoni, the chef, has made a name for himself due to the exquisite gastronomic delicacies he prepares that incorporate varied Mediterranean traditions. In 2006, Catit relocated to a stunning historical building in the old area of Tel aviv that perfectly complements the eye-catching dishes that it serves.
The menu incorporates Israeli, French and Italian aspects resulting in spectacular main dishes and dynamite desserts that are all complimented by the perfect wine list. The setting is pleasing to the eye and adds to this rich, taste-filled adventure. Prices are high but my, are they worth it.




address: 4 Heichal HaTalmud Street

phone: 03-510-7001

Open Hours: Sun-Fri 12:00-15:00, 19:00-23:00, Sat 19:00-23:00

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3 thoughts on “Catit Restaurant

  • A Restaurant of Its Own Kind
    Inspiring, artistic and innovative overall- Catit is one place that will far exceed your expectations and leave you craving for more! You’re in for repeat visits I bet!

  • Innovation in Vogue
    This restaurant has really come to great heights thanks to Chef Meir Adoni. I had the chance of having the ravishing fish with salads and backed it up with desserts and I must say I had one hell of an experience! The best thing that I found about Catit is that we managed to cater the menu to our own needs and requested the chef to remove ingredients we didn’t prefer. So all those out there who haven’t been lucky enough to let their taste buds taste Chef Meir’s food, you really need to visit this place!

  • The Best For me!
    A serene environment to eat in, neat and tidy staff to attend to you and of course, amazing food to top it all- Catit will really get your mouth watering. Meir Adoni, the chef at your service at Catit doesn’t make food- it’s something more than food satisfying you to bits! Coming through at a reasonable price, the lunch I had there was totally worthwhile and delicious at its best. A definite recommendation- all you need is an excuse to be at this place.


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