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Asian food is all over Israel, everywhere you go, you’re bombarded by places claiming to serve “real” Asian food; but there is only one truly authentic Thai place in Israel- the Thai House. The place was opened by an Israeli who lived for many years in Thailand and finally moved back with his family and opened this gem.
The emphasis in this place is one-hundred per cent on the food- not too much effort put into the décor because to be honest once you eat the food you are transformed to another place. The dishes are simply divine, from filling soups to seafood in curry, from noodles to dumplings, from fish to stunning salads. The flavorful foods are suggested and served by well-informed and enthusiastic waiting staff.
For those wanting food that isn’t too heavy yet filling and tasty, the Thai House is the perfect option.



address: 8 Bograshov Street

phone: 03-517-8568

Open Hours: Sun-Sat 12:00-23:00

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Charlotte Noris

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3 thoughts on “Thai House Restaurant

  • A One Stop Foodie Solution
    The Thai House is the best- Yes, it’s the perfect amalgamation of the right food, the right kind of service and the right kind of ambience. I fall in love with this place over and over again whenever I visit it.

  • Yes To Food No To Service!
    Perhaps the most vital aspect in a restaurant business is the service of the food itself and Thai House disappointed me in this regard. I often visit this place with my friends to answer my hunger gnawing for Thai food but there were a couple of times I didn’t thoroughly enjoy my time- there were times when water dripped off the ceiling into the food. The food is good and the place is overly decorated so if you have a thing for such combinations, Thai House it is!

  • Passes All Stages!
    Thai House gets a ‘Yes’ from me over everything- it has good food and good service and is a definite recommendation for those seeking a peaceful time with family and some delicious Thai food. Warning: Try getting there by 7 pm if you want to be seated according to your choice!


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