In 1991, during the first Gulf War, a group of Russian actors, led by prominent stage director Yevgeny Arye, immigrated to Israel and founded the Gesher Theater. Gesher is “a bridge” in Hebrew and this symbolic name has become a reality. This group of actors who would rehearse during the war in a small Tel Avivian cellar, running for cover at the sound of sirens warning of an impending missile attack, became one of the biggest artistic success stories in Israel.
Gesher is a thriving theatre of immigrants who conduct rehearsals in three languages and perform alternatively in Russian and Hebrew. Time has shown that this theater has lived up to and far beyond its name, successfully bridging between Russian and Israeli cultures. Housed in Jaffa, it has produced over 60 productions, has appeared in over 17 international festivals, won numerous accolades and has won a well-deserved place of prominence both in Israel and outside of Israel.
Gesher produces classical plays and novels that have been adapted to present-day artistic notions but also stages a number of contemporary plays. The theatre is renowned for its creative blend of traditional Russian theater with new theatrical techniques- this mixture has become Gesher’s theatrical trademark.
On specific dates there are also simultaneous translations into English.


address: 7-9 Jerusalem Blvd, Jaffa

phone: 03-681-3131

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  • Must-see theatre
    The vigorous style & talents of this company of highly skilled theatre artists is truly a “must-see” experience for true theatre lovers. Even though it is rare that Englilsh subtitled performances are offered there, their physical theatre style is universal and highly accessible. The Hanoch Levin play, “Yakish & Poupche,” part of their main repertory, is highly recommended.


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