Acre Old City

The Old City of Acre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is plenty to see and do in this once-strategically-important port. Countless nations and religious movements tried to conquer Acre over the centuries until it became a part of Israel when the State was established in 1948.
Some suggestions for places worth visiting in the Old City of Acre;
•    Old Acre Visitor’s Center and the Enchanted Garden
The Visitor’s Center, situated near the entrance of the Old City in the Enchanted Garden, will provide you with plenty of information on the places of interest in Acre.
•    The Citadel and the Knights’ Hall
In 1229 Acre was under the rule of the Hospitaller Knights who built a fortress here. During the time of the British Mandate the fortress was used as a prison and many Jewish resistance fighters were imprisoned here.  It is now a museum and a memorial to the resistance fighters who were hung here. Under the Citadel nine long halls were discovered which are known as the Knights’ Hall. The halls were once part of the Hospitallers’ Fortress. There is a very interesting and highly recommended guided tour.
•    Okashi Art Museum
Recommended for art-lovers, the Okashi Art Museum houses the works of Avshalom Okashi who died in Acre in 1980, as well as a temporary exhibition of Israeli art.
•    Hammam El Basha (Turkish Bath of the Pasha)
A public bathhouse built by the governor of Acre in 1795, today serves as a museum with a light-and-sound presentation that tells the story of daily life and events in Acre throughout the generations. The film was recorded in Hebrew but can be heard translated in to English.
•    The Templar’s Tunnel
In 1994, this tunnel was discovered when plumbing work was done in the area. It was excavated and opened to the public. The tunnel led from the fortress built by the Templars at the end of the twelfth century to the city port.
•    Markets
The Turkish Bazaar is the place to buy souvenirs and local arts and crafts. The main market runs along the center of the city and fresh produce can be bought here. Make sure to taste the Hummus that Acre is famous for at El Sa’id in the middle of the market.
•    Acre Port and Fishing Harbor
Following on from the main road is the fishing harbor. From there one can along the sea wall promenade until reaching the lighthouse.





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