Montfort Fortress

The Montfort Fortress is a stunning Crusader-period fortress in Israel. It is by no means the most complete or the largest in Israel but it offers incredible views of the beautiful gorge of the Kziv Stream and the densely forested mountain slopes. The Montfort Fortress is a national park within the national reserve of the Kziv Stream. The fortress was built in the twelfth century with the aim of protecting the agricultural lots of the knights in nearby Mi’ilya. In 1228 the Fortress was sold by the Crusaders to the German Teutonic Knights who changed its name from the French Montfort (meaning “strong mountain”) to the German Starkenberg which has the same meaning. In 1271 Montfort was conquered and destroyed by the Mamluk leader, Baibars. Today section of the fortress remains and one is required to use one’s imagination in order to complete the picture. Sections of walls, a fortified tower, vast cellars, rooms and a wine press provide visitors with a hint of what once was. It is possible to reach the fortress on foot from the parking lot near the town of Mitzpe Hila or from the trail that leads one from Goren Park to the Kziv Stream and climbs up to the fortress.


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