Where to stay in Crete: best travel routes and hotels to stay on any budget

The island of Crete has a large area and is equal to the area of ​​the largest island of Hawaii. Crete has so many beautiful beaches and a large number of interesting places, so tourists do not immediately understand where to go first. However, most often the question arises, of where to stay in Crete. More about great places in the picturesque town you can find in this article.

stay in Crete

The best places to stay in Chania town

There are many interesting, where to stay in Crete. If you prefer a luxurious holiday, pay attention to Casa Delfino Hotel in Western Crete. Considering that this place is quite popular, it is recommended to book rooms in advance. The hotel is housed in a Venetian mansion built in the 17th century.

The hotel has 5 stars and is very refined and stylish. It is near the old Venetian harbor, as well as the famous synagogue of Etz Chaim.

All rooms have an excellent design. Some of them have individual decor, so their cost is an order of magnitude higher.

Some rooms have a jacuzzi, as well as a terrace with excellent views of the harbor. If you want to relax after a hard day, you can visit the spa center, which is on the roof of the building.

Average price

If you are looking for mid-range accommodation to stay in Crete, you can go to the Kydon The Heart City Hotel. The hotel is located in the center of the old city. Located opposite the market. Differs in walking distance to the harbor, as well as the Old Town. This hotel in Western Crete is chosen by tourists who want to visit shops and restaurants during their holidays.

All rooms in the hotel have an excellent renovation, and also differ in modernity. The rooms feature luxurious carpets. The balconies offer excellent views of the city. The professionalism of the staff is to be commended. There is a restaurant on site that serves delicious food.

There are family rooms. There are playgrounds on the territory. Here, you can ride a bike for free, as well as play game consoles.

A place to stay in Crete for a budget traveler

If you are on a budget, you should pay attention to the three-star Porto Veneziano Hotel. It offers excellent views of the harbor. The hotel is within walking distance of Paralia Kum Kapi Beach.

The design of the rooms is minimalistic and very simple. If you order a suite, you notice that the bathrooms in such rooms are made of marble. There is parking on-site, as well as the possibility to rent a bicycle. All breakfasts are included in the price.

The hotel is just a few minutes from the Archaeological Museum. This is the best place to get acquainted with the history of the city.

Where to stay in Crete in Rethymnon

This city in Western Crete has cobbled streets. All houses are very beautiful and made in pastel colors. There is a picturesque harbor here. The city has a very active nightlife. There are several excellent, beautiful beaches where you can relax.

In recent years, more and more tourists come to Rethymnon. Therefore, there are numerous hotels along the entire coast, and you can choose the best option for yourself.

The best place in Western Crete for a luxury holiday

If you prefer a luxurious holiday, pay attention to the Rimondi Boutique Hotel. It has 5 stars, so it is distinguished by all the amenities and comfort. The rooms are modern and have a refined interior. The deluxe rooms are decorated in an old style, which gives them a certain charm.

The hotel boasts a professional and refined staff. As soon as you enter the hotel, you are treated to wine and cheese. Breakfast is served on the outdoor terrace, which is located near the pool. Within walking distance from the hotel, there is the Venetian harbor, as well as the Old Town.

Where to stay in Crete: places for the average budget in Rethymnon

If you have some money, you can stay at Achillion Palace. Often, tourists who arrive in the city by ferry stop here. After all, the hotel is located 10 minutes from the ferry terminal. The hotel has 4 stars and all rooms are very modern and equipped with everything you need.

Almost all rooms have balconies with excellent views of the garden or the sea. There are restaurants and bars on site. If you wish, you can swim in the outdoor pool, or take a walk in the garden, which is located on the roof. Breakfast is already included in the price.

The Archaeological Museum of Rethymno is just a 15-minute walk from the hotel. Therefore, you can get acquainted with the history of the region.

Where to stay in Heraklion

One of the largest cities in Crete is Heraklion. It is very lively and has excellent transport links. The modern seaside town has protective walls, beautiful streets, archeology museums, as well as authentic markets. There are many places to stay here.

Where to stay in Crete: places for luxury lovers

If you love luxury, stay at Galaxy Iraklio Hotel. The hotel has an elegant design. It has quite modern and spacious rooms. The staff is friendly and always ready to help tourists.

The hotel is located between the port and the city center.

Therefore, you can walk along the Venetian walls in the evenings, as well as explore the sights of the city. The Municipal Art Gallery deserves special attention.

The hotel has a swimming pool. You can also dine in an excellent restaurant.

Medium range

If you prefer the average price, stay at the 4-star Castello City Hotel. The rooms vary in shape and size. The suites have balconies, while the family rooms have a seating area for the comfort of children. Free parking is available on-site.

Delicious breakfasts are included in the price. You can also visit excellent restaurants and bars, which are located on the upper floors of the hotel. The rooms offer excellent views of the Cretan Historical Museum, as well as the Gulf of Heraklion.

For the budget traveler

If you are limited in finances, pay attention to the Infinity City hotel. In this boutique hotel, all rooms are quite harmoniously decorated. Light wood was used to finish the ceiling. Paired with exposed beams and contrasting tones, a discreet aesthetic is created.

Some rooms offer sea views. If you choose cheap rooms, then the view from them is more discreet. The hotel has an outdoor terrace where you can have breakfast and enjoy excellent views.

Where to stay Agios Nikolaos

This city has a unique, dynamic identity. Even though its area is quite small, there are many interesting places. You can arrange an evening walk along the cool embankment. You can dine at the seaside restaurant.

If you wish, you can take a ferry and go to explore other parts of Crete. There are many hotels in this city, so finding a place to spend the night is not difficult.

For luxury lovers of beautiful beaches

If you are not limited on a budget, stay at Minos Beach Art Hotel. The hotel is located close to the fantastic beaches and the famous Minos Beach Art Hotel is just a few minutes walk away. Here you can soak up the sun or swim in the sea.

The hotel offers several accommodation options. You can rent a luxury room, or a villa or bungalow. The 5-star hotel has 4 restaurants as well as bars.

Stay in Crete: medium-range

In this case, you should pay attention to the hotel Miramare Resort. It is located on a hill, near the beach. The rooms offer excellent views of the city, as well as Mirabello Bay. All rooms are made in classic blue and white colors. Some rooms have access to a private pool.

The hotel has friendly and professional staff. The staff works hard to make guests feel comfortable. The hotel is located close to Almiros Beach. The distance from Lake Voulismeni is only 1 kilometer.

Where to stay in Kissamos: Old Town and other nearby attractions

There is an agricultural center in Crete, namely the small town of Kissamos. It has a classic Greek character and is quite friendly to tourists. Even though the city is visited by millions of tourists, the traditional image has remained unchanged.

On the territory of the city, numerous taverns are a must to visit. Excellent local wine and olives are served here. It is these products that make the region famous all over the world.

There are many hotels in the old town where you can spend the night. If you have enough funds, it is appropriate to choose five-star or four-star hotels. Budget tourists can rent a room in a hostel. Upon arrival in the city, you should rent a car to easily explore the surrounding areas.

Balos Beach Hotel deserves special attention in the city. It helps to hide from the hustle and bustle, and enjoy solitude. The Balos Beach Hotel is on the peninsula, where you can also arrange walks. Nearby are the ruins of Archeologikos Choros Kissamos. The path takes only 5 km.

The rooms are unassuming. There is an outdoor pool where you can swim. There is a restaurant on-site, as well as a private beach.

Where to stay in Crete in Palaiochora

The town was built along the Libyan Sea. The streets are quite a relaxed atmosphere, so you can enjoy a comfortable stay. The city has private beaches, which are distinguished by clean water. This is the best place to travel with kids.

There are many hotels in the city that you can choose based on your budget. However, the Libyan Princess Hotel is in the greatest demand.

This is a central hotel with excellent tourist facilities. Couples often come here to enjoy their honeymoon. The rooms are modern and very upscale. There is an outdoor pool, next to which you can relax on a sun lounger.

On the territory, there is a gym, a spa area, as well as a jacuzzi. The rooms are constantly cleaned excellently, so they are always clean. The hotel is within walking distance of bars and restaurants. Nearby there are beaches – Pachia Ammos and Hakailia.

Where to stay in Crete: Hersonissos

This is a fairly popular resort town, which has excellent beaches and views. Here are great archaeological sites. You can take a walk along the north coast, plunging into your thoughts. In the evening, the city is transformed, and dancing begins everywhere.

Many young people from different European countries come to enjoy the nightlife of the city. You can stay overnight in hotels that are on the coast.

Stay in Crete in luxury

If you prefer a luxury holiday, stay at Creta Maris Beach Resort. There are 6 bars and restaurants on-site, so you can find the best option for yourself. There are disco, as well as a spa here.

The resort is 5-star and all-inclusive. Suitable for family holidays. There is a beach next to the hotel, and the distance to it is only 250 meters. Nearby there is an aquarium. The hotel has numerous indoor pools, where you can swim at any time of the day. Some of them are especially for children.

Stay in Crete for the medium-range

There is another excellent Harma boutique hotel in the city. It is characterized by style, elegance, and thoughtful design. Here you can enjoy a calm atmosphere. The rooms have large wooden beds. There is modern lighting, as well as numerous soft textures.

The rooms offer excellent views of the Cretan Sea. There is a restaurant on the territory of the boutique hotel, where a huge number of dishes are presented. Nearby there are Limenas-Khersonisou and Star Beach beaches. There is a bus stop near the hotel, so you can take a bus to explore nearby towns.


This is a small village that has been actively transformed in the last few years. Today, many tourists who want to explore the Greek islands come here. The village has all the necessary amenities and is the best place for a family holiday.

There are numerous restaurants and hotels on the streets, so you can choose the option that suits your budget.

The Lamon Hotel is in the highest demand. It is next to the ferry terminal, so it’s the best place for a family holiday and island exploration. There is free parking on site and breakfast is already included in the price.

The rooms are quite spacious and have balconies. Some of the rooms have a sea view. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool as well as a restaurant with sea views.


This place is a real magnet for tourists. Young people who plan to relax prefer to come here. During the day there is an opportunity to soak up the beach, and at night go to a disco.

Numerous bars and restaurants can be found throughout the city.

Here you can buy everything you need. There are many budget hotels in the city, so finding the best option is not difficult. For more details about the most popular places, you can read below.

Stay in Crete for lovers of luxury

If you are not used to saving on vacation, you can stay at the Alexander Beach Hotel & Village. There are about 8 restaurants and bars on the territory. Outdoor and indoor pools are provided. It has a spa center with a sauna.

The hotel has a private beach, so you can forget about the crowds. No one interferes with your comfortable rest. The rooms are spacious and refined. If you wish, you can rent a villa on the coast.

Stay in Crete for the budget traveler

If you are saving money, it is better to stay at Parthenis Beach, Suites by the Sea. It has terraces and balconies. You can prepare meals in the small kitchens. Each room has a TV. If you have the opportunity and desire, you can rent a separate apartment, which has a separate living area and an extra bedroom.

This is the best place for family holidays, as well as for people who travel with a group of friends. The property has its restaurant, as well as a stretch of beach.


This city is characterized by excellent landscapes that line up on the shores of the blue lagoon. Many luxurious hotels are distinguished by extravagance and comfort. Their cost is quite high.

The Greek elite prefers to come to this city. They rent rooms in five-star hotels that are located along the entire coast. For more sightseeing, you can rent a car, or use public transport.

In this city, almost everyone checks into the Blue Palace Hotel. Here you can enjoy a spa holiday, or work out in the gym. The hotel has 5 stars. Children can be sent to a special club.

There are several bars and restaurants on-site. It has a private beach. Settling in this place, you feel that you are in paradise. The villas consist of several bedrooms, a terrace, and a barbecue.

Kato Daratso

This city is marked by numerous clean sandy beaches. The water is pretty clean. It is near Chania. Here you can stroll through charming streets and taverns. It serves excellent local dishes that go well with the picturesque setting.

There are many hotels in the area where you can stay. However, the Golden Bay Hotel, which has 3 stars, is in the highest demand. It is next to Glaros Beach. It is possible to rent a studio or apartment.

There is an open-air restaurant and bar. Visiting them, you can enjoy delicious food and drinks, as well as excellent views of the bay. On the territory, there are gardens for walking, as well as a grocery store. This is a great option if you cook your meals to save money.

Agia Marina

A few minutes drive from Chania, you reach the authentic village of Agia Marina. There are quiet beaches, as well as cozy bars and taverns. Some hotels are designed for families. There are excellent bars around the city where you can enjoy the local cuisine.

Nearby some beaches are appropriate not only for adults but also for children. The Eleftheria Hotel is in great demand in the city. All rooms are quite cool and are complemented by balconies. The rooms have huge TVs and comfortable beds.

This is the best place for a family holiday. You can rent a family suite, which has an excellent area. Breakfast “buffet” is included in the price. After that, you can swim in the pool, or play with the children on the playground.


This city can be divided into several parts. Partly it is quite lively and filled with nightlife. The other part is the old city, more unkempt. There are many hotels in the city that are ideal for families.

The city has a long sandy beach, as well as bars and eateries. In the evenings, you can visit beach bars and clubs. If you prefer an active holiday, you can get acquainted with the ruins that are located near the city. This allows you to get acquainted with ancient civilizations.

The Sunrise Village Hotel is in particular demand. You can rent a studio or an apartment. This is the best option for a family or group holiday. The hotel operates on an All Inclusive basis. You can have breakfast in the restaurant, enjoying your favorite dishes and drinks.

Platanias beach is next to the hotel. It is located just 15 minutes walk from the hotel.


This is a famous fishing village, which stands on the shores of a sandy beach South coast. There are a large number of massage parlors and cafés. The village gained fame in 1960 when hippies began to come here. If you sit on the beach, you can see a beautiful sunset.

You should take a walk in the old town. This makes it possible to understand its connection with the mythology of Ancient Greece. There are several beautiful hotels in the city where you can stay.

Almost all tourists choose Matala Bay Hotel. It has excellent value for money. Each apartment has a small kitchen. There is a grocery store on-site, so you can prepare your meals.

Near the pool, there is a bar where you can order drinks and snacks. If you want to have a full dinner, go to the restaurant, which is also on-site. A playground is provided for children.

Matala beach is next to the hotel. You can walk to it in just 7 minutes.

What to choose: Chania or Heraklion

Many tourists wonder if is it better to stay in Heraklion or Chania? The choice depends only on your preferences. Heraklion is considered the largest city in Crete. Here is the largest airport, however, the city has gained fame thanks to the best museums of archeology in Europe.

Traveling around Heraklion, the tourist does not have the feeling that walking is around the Greek islands. This is because around 500,000 people live in the vicinity of Heraklion and the city. Chania is considered to be an amazing old town with excellent shops and restaurants.

Heraklion is the best option in several cases:

  1. If you plan to be in Crete for a few days. After all, almost all air flights and ferries come to this city.
  2. If you want to visit the museum and the palace of Knossos.
  3. If you did not plan to swim or sunbathe.

Chania is a great option in such cases:

  • if your plans included a beach holiday;
  • you prefer to walk around picturesque cities;
  • you have little interest in archaeological sites and museums.


Traveling in Crete, many are faced with several questions. Answers to the most popular questions you can find below.

What area is best to stay in Crete?

You can stay in the largest cities, including Rethymno, Chania, and Heraklion. They help to enjoy a beach holiday, as well as learn a bit of history.

What is the most beautiful part of Crete?

There are several picturesque places on the island of Crete. The most famous beach is Triopetra. Three rocks were discovered here, which rise on the edge of the peninsula. The white mountains deserve special attention, as well as Glyka Nera – a sweet water beach.

Many people like to walk around the village of Margaret. No less demand for the village of Myrtos.

What is the lively part of Crete?

The most lively places are the regions of Malia and Stalida. Elounda is a very active city. These cities have many nightclubs that attract young people from all over Europe.


As you can see, Crete has a large number of interesting cities with budget or luxury hotels, historic sites, beautiful sandy beaches, and pebbly beaches. Therefore, if you plan to visit Crete you can find a place where you can stay, regardless of the available budget.

If you have already visited many resort towns, then be sure to plan Crete to understand its extraordinary flavor and feel the incredible atmosphere of the sea island. You like it very much here.

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