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Nahal David (David's Stream) is a major attraction in the Ein Gedi Reserve. It is believed that at this place King David hid from the wrath of Saul some three-thousand years ago and it was here that he cut Saul's, (who was the king at the time) robe rather than killing him.
The trail is clearly marked and passes a number of pools and small waterfalls before arriving at the stunning upper waterfall. There are steps on the trail but nothing too tough. Hikers should allow at least an hour and a half so as to include a dip in one of the lower waterfalls.
Ibex can be spotted on the trail (especially in the afternoons), as can hyrax; leopards used to be commonly seen but unfortunately they face extinction because of breeding problems and are rarely seen nowadays.
For serious hikers, the trail breaks off to the right fifty yards down the return path from the top waterfall and this path passes through remains of Byzantine irrigation systems and offers incredible views of the Dead Sea. One doubles back on oneself on this trail and returns to the source of the Nahal David stream. Near the top one takes a short side path up to the remains of a fourth-millennium BC temple. The main path leads on to the streambed, turns east and reaches "Lovers' Cave" that was formed by boulders and is filled with crystal-clear water. Here, in this romantic and refreshing pool, one is directly above the waterfall of Nahal David.
How to get there: When travelling to Ein Gedi from the north, the first turnoff to the right is the parking lot at the entrance to Nahal David


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