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Israel-Yam Glass Bottom Boats offers visitors the opportunity to delight in a world usually reserved for deep-sea divers. Each boat is comprised of three levels- on the top level passengers can relax under the sun's rays, let loose on the dance floor and enjoy the bar that serves beverages, sandwiches and snacks. The lower level is where the boat's jewel is situated; the glass floor that offers an incredible view of the colorful underwater world. Passengers enjoy a two-hour route that includes the Coral Reef and the Japanese Gardens, along the Israeli-Jordanian border, as well a spectacular dolphin watch at the Eilat marina.


address: Eilat Marina

phone: 08-633-2325\08-637-5528\050-531-0090

Open Hours: Sun-Sat Boats depart at 10:30, 13:00 and 15:30

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