Tapeo Tapas Bar

Tapeo is a Tapas-Ceviche Bar that combines the Tapas from Spain with the Ceviche from South-America and serves them in a lively, Spanish atmosphere. There are a wide variety of Spanish dishes on offer which are made using the finest ingredients. In the center of the restaurant is a large bar that offers an infinite choice of original cocktails alongside alcoholic drinks and a wine menu with an emphasis on Spanish and Israeli wines.



address: HaArba’a 16, Tel Aviv-Yafo

phone: 03-6240484

Open Hours: Sun-Sat 18:00 till last costumer

Categories : Restaurants

Charlotte Noris

Hello reader. My name is Charlotte Noris and I am sure that you will definitely enjoy my blog. Do you know why? All because on the pages you will see bright and colorful photos, as well as useful information. My husband and I are freelancers, so we can travel at any time of the year. For myself, I most often plan tours in advance, but it also happens that the trip turns out to be spontaneous when I see an interesting place and a nice price. At the age of 35, I have visited more than 30 countries and do not plan to stop there. I want to visit all continents and the most secret corners of our planet.

3 thoughts on “Tapeo Tapas Bar

  • Excited my taste buds
    No matter what place we go the young member of our family doesn’t like the food he has but not at this place. He loved the dishes at Tapeodue to the many options he had. The variety of options gave everybody the choice to eat the kind of food they wanted. We enjoyed our time there as the food was fantastic and the staff was co-operative as well. It is a good place to eat at with friends and family.

  • Incredible Feeling
    After my first experience of the place, I go to this place regularly now. In the menu I get a variety of different options to eat from. I enjoyed the octopus and surprisingly there is always something good to eat from the vegetarian options. The wine at the Tapeo is something to look forward to. Always reliable for quality food.

  • Brilliant atmosphere
    Tapeo is probably the best tapas bar with such great food. Everything was delicious and the atmosphere of the place was remarkable.


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