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The Agadir Burger Bar restaurant is a part of the popular Agadir chain, a pioneer in the Burger Bar restaurants in Israel. Established in 1997 in Tel aviv, today it is one of the most familiar and beloved hamburger meat restaurants. Agadir Eilat has a rich menu with reasonable prices and hamburgers that some in three sizes- ranging from 160 to 330 grams. Toppings that can be added to the burgers include onion, eggplant, egg, goat cheese, mushrooms, parmesan cheese and bacon. Other options on the menu include mini burgers with different toppings, hot wings, fried calamari rings, steak sandwiches and more. Agadir has two seating levels with a bar as well as a terrace with a wonderful view of the


address: 10 Kamen Eilat, adjacent to the Crowne Plaza Hotel

phone: 08-633-3777\9

Open Hours: Sun-Sat 12:00-02:00

Categories : Restaurants

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