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Kursi is the Arabic name given to the valley whose western side touches the lake shore and where the remains of a Jewish fishing village from the times of the Mishnah and Talmud were found. On the eastern side of the valley, at the foot of the Golan heights, a monastery was discovered by accident during road construction after the Six Day War.
The monastery measures 123 x 145 m, making it the largest one found in Israel. It was built together with its church in the fifth century CE and was damaged during the Persian invasion in 614 CE. The church was restored only to be abandoned again in the eighth century. A mosaic floor depicting animal life and plant designs was uncovered here and an inscription in Greek can be found on the floor of the baptistery.
In 1980 a small chapel was discovered near a promontory, whose apse was incorporated into a cave- this cave is identified by Christians as the place where Jesus performed a miracle for man plagued by unclean spirits.
There is a bench in the park known as "the magic bench" and it is popular among visitors, many of whom claim that wishes they made while sitting there came true.


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