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Hamat Gader, in the Southern Golan, is a popular recreational site in Israel, offering a wide variety of attractions for people of all ages.
The thermo-mineral springs are both warm and mineral-rich and are highly enjoyable for visitors to bathe in as well as being excellent for the skin and soothing for the body.
As well as the springs, the second-largest bath complex in the entire Roman Empire was built here and visitors can still view the remains of the magnificent structures that once stood here.
Hamat Gader is also home to the largest crocodile farm in the Middle East, with 120 alligators brought over from Florida, as well as crocodiles from Africa and caimans from South America. The predators can be safely observed by visitors from a bridge.
There are two restaurants on site- one Thai restaurant overlooking the central bath complex and one country-style restaurant.
How to get there: From Tel aviv: Route 2 to the Caesarea Interchange, onto Route 65 to Sarel Interchange. Then take Route 675 East to Navot Interchange and Route 71 East to the She'an Interchange. Take Route 90 North to Zemach Interchange onto Route 98 East to Hamat Gader.


phone: 04-665-9966

Open Hours: Sep-May Sun 7:00-17:00, Mon-Sat 7:00-23:00

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