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Nahal Meitzar is the largest riverbed that runs from the southern Golan heights to the Yarmuk Valley. Surrounded by Mediterranean and desert plants, green in the winter and flowers in the spring, it is the ideal place for a family hike. The riverbed begins about a kilometer from Kibbutz Meitzar, descends westward through mountains and soft rock before Wadi Barbara (Arabic for Noisy Riverbed) flows into it. Two kilometers later the upper border highway crosses through it. It is possible to continue for another half kilometer to the Nahal Meitzar waterfall. The riverbed continues for another four kilometers, carving in to the rock and forming shallow pools before flowing in to the Yarmuk river. How to get there: On road 98, turn left before Hamat Gader. You will pass the Kibbutzim Mevo Chama and Kfar Charuv. Four kilometers after the turning for Kfar Charuv, there is a junction that turns in to Kibbutz Meitzar. Turn right at the junction, keep going for about three kilometers, turn east (do not turn in to the Kibbutz) for a few hundred meters, turn right. Continue south for about five kilometers until you see signs for Nahal Meitzar.


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