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Nahalat HaShiv'a Nahalat HaShiv'a; a quaint island in the center of Jerusalem, filled with places of leisure. rating : 0 No votes yet

Nahalat Shiv'a
The third Jerusalem neighborhood to be built outside of the Old City walls Nahalat HaShiv'a spans from Hillel Road down south to Jaffa Road up north. The name of the neighborhood, which translates in English to mean "the estate of the seven," was coined due to the seven settlers who established it in 1869. They divided the land between them into seven strips facing Jaffa Road and legend has it that due to the complete isolation of the place, at least one of the settler's wives wouldn't leave the safety of the Old City in order to join her husband in their new home.

With time the neighborhood deteriorated and plans were suggested to tear it down and build high-rise office buildings in it's stead. However, in the eighties a new plan to restore the neighborhood won over and in the last two decades the neighborhood has undergone dramatic changes with most residents moving out and businesses moving in.

Nahalat HaShiv'a is today a quaint island in the centre of Jerusalem that is filled with popular cafés, pubs and small galleries.


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