Coffee Anan Restaurant

The Coffee Anan restaurant is located on top of Mount Bental and is famous for being the highest restaurant in Israel at 1,165 meters above sea level. Coffee Anan is a humorous play on the name of the former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Anan, as well as fittingly meaning, “Cloud Coffee,” in Hebrew, and indeed one can enjoy coffee on the mountain peak that is covered by fog most of the time. In winter, there is no better place to be than inside Coffee Anan enjoying hot soup, home-made baked goods, coffee, tea and cakes while it snows outside, Picnic baskets can be prepared for travelers if ordered ahead of time. Kosher: No



phone: 04-6820-664

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Charlotte Noris

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3 thoughts on “Coffee Anan Restaurant

  • The Belgian Cafe mocha and the statues outside!
    Belgian cafe mocha was outstanding. It was a super rich dessert coffee, and I would travel 10000 miles again just to have it again. I really really want a t-shirt from there, too. How can I get one? [email protected]

  • we were there, loved wnat to buy t-shirt
    My wife & I were there on 4 Nov. 2016. We loved it, had a cup of coffee. My regret is that I did not buy a t-shirt while I was there. I would like very much to order one. Can you help? Thank you in advance. God bless you!

  • Great view, Great place
    Everyone in Israel that we said “We went to Mount Bental” said, “Oh, you mean Coffee Anan?” Coffee Anan is such an icon that it has superceded Mount Bental. Don’t you dare go past here without stopping at Coffee Anan, or you will regret it!


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