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Bulghourji Bulghourji is famous for it's fantastic,traditionally-prepared Armenian dishes. rating : 0 No votes yet

The Bulghourji restaurant and Lounge was opened in 2004 by the Kalajian family who has been living in Jerusalem since the fifteenth century. Bulghourji is located in the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, two minutes walk from the Jaffa Gate. The word Bulghourji means "the person preparing the burghul" and once one learns that the stunning ancient building that the restaurant is located in was once a burghul factory the name comes as no surprise.

Bulghourji is famous for it's fantastic Armenian dishes- all meat-based dishes that are traditionally prepared and authentic home cooking. Fine wines, fresh salads, meats, breads, classic Middle-Eastern dishes and of course the famous burghul dish are all served with a smile in this high-class restaurant. The warm atmosphere, unique flavors and family feel makes a visit to Bulghourji obligatory.

Kosher: No


address: 6 Armenian Patriarchate Street

phone: 057-944-3920

Categories : Restaurants

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