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Jerusalem Restaurants

It is true that the range of Jerusalem eateries will never rival that of cosmopolitan Tel aviv. Having said that, one can eat very well in the capital city. Jewish people ask G-d three times a day to return them to the holy land and Jerusalem eateries are the perfect reflection of the ingathering of the people from all four corners of the earth. French, Italian, Middle Eastern, Continental, American, Indian, Thai and Chinese restaurants can all be found in Jerusalem, with far more Kosher establishments than in Tel Aviv. The food is just as varied and delicious and the Kosher aspect does not stop the food from being delightful!

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Chakra is a Mediterranean restaurant, ranging from classically Italian dishes to creative creations of local origins. A well-stocked bar, the international fusion cuisine and seafood add to the hearty, rich menu. In addition to the regular menu, the specials menu changes daily, depending on what is available in the local markets.

With an informal yet elegant ambience and the inventive and sophisticated meals, dining in the sleek Chakra is a truly pleasant experience.

Kosher: No

The Mirror Bar is a stylish cocktail and wine bar located in the Mamilla Hotel which allows customers to enjoy a well-made drink in impressive surroundings. The interior of the bar has clearly been well thought-out with a long, sleek bar, comfortable chairs and sofas and wooden beams spanning the ceiling. The surroundings may mislead one into thinking that the prices will be outrageous but they're actually reasonable and the atmosphere is formal without being pretentious. There's a small tapas dish menu that compliments the wine and cocktails wonderfully.

For those who can't think of having a drink without a cigar, worry not, the Mirror Bar has a special room for those who wish to combine the two pleasures.

Kosher: Yes


Jacob's Pizza

Jacob was born and raised in Cyprus and came to Israel with the dream of opening up a place of his own that would combine good food and friends. Ten years later, Jacob is living his dream with the opening of Jacob's Pizza in 2009 in the Christian Quarter of the Old City. The restaurant's reputation goes before itself with mouth-watering pizza, friendly staff and well looked-after place.

The pizza is made throughout the day with fresh, local ingredients and can be eaten in, taken out or delivered with margherita, cheese, pepperoni and veggie mix pizzas regularly available. Whole pizzas are also available and can be made to order. Special topping requests and dietary needs can be accommodated for.

Kosher: No

Zuni restaurant
Located in downtown Jerusalem in Nahalat Shiv'a, which over the years traded it's deeply religious immigrants with a dizzying array of eateries and a buzzing nightlife, Zuni is a stylish, friendly place that is open 24/7, offering a range of meals from light to heavier, snacks and drinks and all at a reasonable cost.

Morning dishes are rather hearty, lunch dishes are more eclectic with a large selection of starters, main courses, salads, sandwiches, pastas, quiches and meat dishes. Later on, there is a smaller selection in the lunch-dinner menu. The design of the place is simple and the view of the Nahalat Binyamin Pedestrian Mall from the large windows is pleasant.

Kosher: No


Village Green

Village Green has two levels of dining rooms and a plaza outside on Jaffa Road but it is still sometimes a squeeze trying to fit everyone in to this popular, Kosher L'Mehadrin restaurant. Village Green is one of Jerusalem's only specifically vegetarian restaurants as well as one of it's only cafeteria-style joints.

The Village Green stocks an impressive array of freshly-baked vegetable pies in whole wheat crusts, quiches, lasagnas, buckwheat burgers, grilled tofu served with different sauces, soups and just about anything a healthy-minded eater could ask for. Each customer constructs their own meal as they slide down the queue with their tray- the food is priced by weight so one can take as much or as little as one wants. There are also terrific desserts on offer for those who still have room!

The place can get very busy at mealtimes with long queues but this is still a place worth checking out!

Kosher: Yes- Mehadrin

Adom restaurant, Jerusalem
The Feingold Courtyard is hidden between the bustling Jaffa Road and lively Rivlin Street in the center of Jerusalem. Feingold Courtyard is a stone street that dates back to the nineteenth century that offers respite from the business of the town and has some of the classiest restaurants that Jerusalem has to offer.

The choicest of these restaurants is undoubtedly Adom a bar/restaurant that is housed in a magnificent stone building, complete with stunning arches and an outdoor dining area. International cuisine and wines are the specialties of Adom, with the food being the combination of local produce and international influence; in the main French and Italian.

The choice of wine is impressive with choices from Israel and all over the world, both mainstream and boutique. The menu fluctuates with gourmet, late-night and even kid options.

Kosher: No

Little Jerusalem- The Ticho House

Anna Ticho and Avraham Albert Ticho are a larger-than-life couple in the history of Jerusalem. Anna was a painter and her still-lifes and depictions of Jerusalem launched the beginning of the modern era for Israeli art. Avraham Albert was one of the very first modern medical practitioners in pre-State Palestine and he was famed for treating Jerusalemites irrespective of their background.

The Tichos arrived in Palestine in 1912 and moved into a former Arab manor in the center of the city and converted the house into an eye clinic. Avraham Albert would treat Jerusalemites as Anna would host countless dignitaries and paint. The Ticho house was converted into a museum with an attached dairy restaurant- Little Jerusalem.

The restaurant is a family-operated business and is simply an oasis in the center of the craziness of Jerusalem. Little Jerusalem's architecture and rural gardens take visitors back a century.

Little Jerusalem offers indoor and outdoor seating and the extensive menu has both Middle Eastern and European influences. Breakfast combinations, soups, salads, stir fries, omelettes, quiches, baked potatoes, sandwiches, pasta, fish, a children's menu and a senior's menu are some of the offerings. The desserts are known for being out-of-this-world.

Regular music performances fill the courtyard of Little Jerusalem with special nights for Arabic, jazz and Jewish soul music.


Kosher: Yes- Mehadrin

Dolphin Yam translates to mean Sea Dolphin and is one of Jerusalem's old-time culinary establishments, serving seafood in one of the hottest restaurant districts in Jerusalem- Ben-Shetach Street.

Dolphin Yam's specialization is non-Kosher, moderately-priced seafood with shrimps with a variety of sauces, fried calamari and blue lobsters baked in the oven. A huge selection of Israeli fish is also on offer.

Dolphin Yam also caters to those who aren't so keen on fish with steaks, pastas, vegetarian dishes and children's dishes on offer.

Kosher: No

Mona is a popular Jerusalem restaurant-bar that is located in a beautiful stone building in what was once the former Bezalel Art School. Journalists, politicians, Jerusalem personalities and international stars are known for frequenting Mona, famous for it's excellent meals that are served at all hours of the night.

The menu includes many Mediterranean dishes, meats and seafood and the homey atmosphere, enhanced by the fireplace that is sometimes lit in the winter, and the famously generous bar keep Mona a favorite.

Kosher: No

Angelica Fine Grill
Erez Margi and Marcus Gershkowitz, two top Jerusalem chefs own Angelica and have impressive resumes with restaurants in New York, San Francisco, Tel aviv and Jerusalem featuring. Angelica has a splendid variety of Euro-Mediterranean Kosher food and is dedicated to using local produce.

The seasonal menu is brief and you'll find that much of it is fired on the grill with a splendid fusion of French cuisine and the favorite local cooking method. There are eleven starters and ten main dishes and a large variety of steaks by the weight and a large assortment of desserts. The stunning décor adds to the establishment with a homey, clean feeling.

Kosher: Yes-Rabbinate

Kedma Brasserie
Kedma was the first Kosher meat restaurant to grace the Alrov Mamilla Avenue in Jerusalem and although it defines itself as a Kosher Brasserie, it goes well beyond that with cosmopolitan comfort food ringing just as true.

The dishes at Kedma are inspired from places all over the world with kosher meat classics ranging from steak to Cornish game hen; beef stew to chicken on couscous and beef Carpaccio to lamb-stuffed Druze pita. The decadent dessert menu should by no means be ignored by visitors. With generous portions and reasonable prices the experience is a satisfying one for diners.

Furthermore, the building that Kedma is situated in is over one-hundred years old and the views from the windows and balconies of the restaurant are just stunning, spanning the Old City walls, the Jaffa gate and the Abbey of the Dormition. Kedma is the perfect location for hungry shoppers or tourists.

Kosher: Yes

The Bulghourji restaurant and Lounge was opened in 2004 by the Kalajian family who has been living in Jerusalem since the fifteenth century. Bulghourji is located in the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, two minutes walk from the Jaffa Gate. The word Bulghourji means "the person preparing the burghul" and once one learns that the stunning ancient building that the restaurant is located in was once a burghul factory the name comes as no surprise.

Bulghourji is famous for it's fantastic Armenian dishes- all meat-based dishes that are traditionally prepared and authentic home cooking. Fine wines, fresh salads, meats, breads, classic Middle-Eastern dishes and of course the famous burghul dish are all served with a smile in this high-class restaurant. The warm atmosphere, unique flavors and family feel makes a visit to Bulghourji obligatory.

Kosher: No

Burgers Bar
This chain of Burger Bar is found in the heart of the German Colony, perfectly located for hungry shoppers. Burgers Bar chains can be found dotted all over Jerusalem and they satisfy the locals' and visitor's need for kosher burgers- for those who are used to non-kosher burgers, be aware that the burgers are reinterpreted in a way to suit kosher dietary restrictions and Israeli taste.

The standard burger is a freshly-made all-beef patty which comes in three possible sizes from 150 to 300 grams. A host of toppings such as Argentinean chimichurri, Italian Pesto, Middle-Eastern Tehina and Yemenite Charif add international twists to the humble burger. For those looking to try a favorite local burger innovation, try the fried egg addition.

For those looking for food other than burgers, American-style comfort food such as steak sandwiches, chicken salad, onion rings, wraps and much more are readily available.

Kosher: Yes-Rabbinate

Cavalier was voted one of the top three restaurants in Israel and has been making a name for itself since 1993. French-style dining is what is on offer, coupled with an elegant atmosphere. Located on Ben-Sira Street, Cavalier is out of the hustle and bustle of Jaffa Road. The non-Kosher menu is rich and varied and includes sea-food. There are also lunchtime specials and business lunches at reasonable prices.

The identity of Cavalier is somewhat fluid as the menu changes to reflect the season. There is a focus on heartier foods in the winter and the restaurant starts its days as a bistro with abundant coffee and reduced prices on simpler menu items. When it reopens after an afternoon siesta, the full dinner menu is served and food and bar service last until 02:00.

Gabriel is a low-key, high-class gourmet mehadrin restaurant that is out to prove that holding by the best kashrut standards does not have to mean compromising on the quality. Located around the corner from the trendy dining bar scene of Shlomtzion Hamalka Street, Gabriel is housed in a gorgeous renovated building that is over 150 years old and combines many authentic elements with classic Jerusalem stone. The soft furnishings temper the stone and result in a warm décor.

There are three seating areas in the restaurant- an outdoor space, an indoor space on the first floor and an upper floor that can be used to host private parties. Make sure to reserve in advance, including where in the restaurant you would like to sit.

The atmosphere is delightful, the service fabulous and the food incredible. In fact, many years ago the restaurant held a lower level of kashrut and when they decided to become mehadrin Beit Yosef, many were worried that the elimination of the goose dishes on the menu, that were essentially the restaurant's signature-dishes, would affect the restaurant negatively. These worries were unfounded; the dining experience is as splendid as it always was with each delectable dish prepared on site when ordered.

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