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The Mamshit Camel Ranch is a camel farm located on the edge of a desert cliff in the Negev. It sits nestled in the golden sands, near the ruins of the ancient Nabatean city Kurnub-Mamshit (thirty minutes from Be'er Sheva, two hours from Tel aviv and forty-five minutes from the Dead Sea hotels). On site are two authentic Bedouin tents made of sheep wool and goat hair that are specially designed for receiving guests and groups of visitors and a camel yard that is home to thirty-five trained camels. The ranch offers a variety of camel riding tours, trips and safaris across the desert. Among the experiences that are on offer; • Camel rides inside the Manege for a short, memorable experience and photo opportunity. • Hour-long camel rides along the Incense Route with a view of the Nabatean city and the Yamin Plain • Two-hour camel rides along the northern Incense Route, a view of the Nabatean city as well as of Hitann Wadi, Yamin Plain and the Machlik Wadi. • Four-hour camel rides with views of the Mamshit Wadi, Nabatean terraces, Be'er Ratav, Yamin Plain and the Machlik Wadi. Light refreshments are also served. • Two Day Camel Safari-Passing by the Hittan Wadi, Um Botna, Nakev Hatira, the Big Crater, Ein Yorkam, the Mamshit Wadi, Be'er Ratav and the Machlik Wadi. The safari includes full board from lunch on the first day to lunch on the second day and outdoor accommodation in sleeping bags. All necessary equipment such as towels, sleeping bags and mattresses is provided. The Safari is suitable only for those above the age of ten. How to get there: off route 25, about 6km from Dimona (coming from Be'er Sheva), turn right at the road sign to Mamshit and immediately left to the Camel Farm.


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