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Gan HaHashmal Gan HaHashmal; the Tel Avivian hot-spot for Israeli fashion designers. rating : 3 3 0 out of 5 / 14 votes

Gan HaHashmal, a once declining Tel aviv neighborhood, has been transformed into one of the hippest, desirable locations for fresh, new designers. The neighborhood was named after Israel's first central power plants which was opened in the early twenties. The neighborhood blossomed in the pre-State years, only to fall into decline in the seventies following the closing down of the very power plant that is its namesake. Come the twenty-first century and this neighborhood, located between Allenby, Yehuda Halevy, Barzilai and Hahashmal streets, awakened and became the hot-spot for Tel Avivian fashion designers.
The designers call themselves Collective Gan HaHashmal and pool marketing resources and information. The group are responsible for cultural events held throughout the year in the area such as live music, dancing, yoga, art exhibitions and, of course, shopping. Gan HaHashmal now boasts a couple dozen designer boutiques, quaint cafés, an organic Hummus eatery, restaurants and nighttime entertainment venues.
Some recommended favorites:
• Frau Blau is a wacky women's clothing store that successfully fuses radiant colors, playful patterns and femininity with a positively vintage edge.
• Daddy Gil's Organic Hummus is the perfect place for lunch- fresh Hummus accompanied by just-baked Pittas make for a classically Middle-Eastern treat.
• The Levontin 7 bar is the place to go for a lively night out, with a wide variety of musical performances.
• Eva Teffner, owned by Or Cohen, is an intriguing costume jewelry store that specializes in recycled pieces.
The streets of Gan Hahashmal buzz with shoppers in the day and revelers at night and is simply a must-see for fashion-loving visitors.


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