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Kikar Magen David Kikar Magen David; an intersection of six different areas and cultures, history and fashion. rating : 2 2 0 out of 5 / 14 votes

Kikar Magen David is translated to mean "Star of David Square" and refers  to a central public square in the city of Tel aviv. Over the past couple hundred years and especially since the State of Israel was established in 1948 and adopted it as it's flag, the Star of David has become synonymous with Judaism. I hear you ask why this symbol was chosen as the name of a central square in Tel Aviv though. In actual fact, this square is the intersection of six different areas and as the Star of David also has six points, the square was cleverly called Kikar Magen David.
Kikar Magen David is a popular tourist hot-spot and a mingling place for local Israelis and world-travelers. The square is not only an intersection of streets and areas, it is also an intersection of cultures as on one side one will find historical buildings and on the other fashion paradise. The six streets and areas that intersect here are King George, Shenkin, Allenby, Nachalat Binyamin, HaCarmel and the Carmel Market.
King George is a busy commercial centre, Shenkin is the one-and-only stop needed for fashion-crazy shopaholics, Allenby is both historical as well as being a hub of nightlife, Nachalat Binyamin's claim to fame is it's twice-weekly outdoor arts and crafts fair and HaCarmel Street is home to Tel Aviv's biggest marketplace, Carmel Market and makes for an exciting and fascinating visit. To be honest, Kikar Magen David is a fantastic starting point for a full day of touring and shopping in the heart of Tel Aviv!


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