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The Mann Auditorium is located in the HaBima Square at the intersection of Rothschild Boulevard, Hen Boulevard, Dizengoff Street and Ben Zion Boulevard. It is one of the most sophisticated cultural facilities in the world and has hosted countless world-famous musicians and orchestras on its stage. The Auditorium hosts concerts and major cultural events.
The Mann Auditorium was opened in 1957 by the city of Tel aviv and the State of Israel after a trying four years of construction. The Auditorium is named after the chief benefactor, Frederic R. Mann of Philadelphia. The Auditorium was built, first and foremost, as the home for the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra and was built accordingly, with impressive acoustic conditions.
Alongside the Mann Auditorium is the Habima Theatre and the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, so when visiting the HaBima Square, one can have a truly well-rounded cultural experience and visit all three of the city's main cultural venues.
There are a wide variety of performances on throughout the year and the central location of the Auditorium makes it a pleasure to get to. When visiting Tel Aviv, be sure to visit this fantastic cultural focal site.


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