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The Old Tel Aviv Port The Old Tel Aviv Port; a 14,000 square meter social hot-spot with restaurants, shops and bars galore. rating : 4.5 4.5 0 out of 5 / 43 votes

The Old Tel aviv Port is a dynamic social hotspot with an array of restaurants, shops and bars along the length of a 14,000 square meter deck that was shaped after the Tel Aviv sand dunes. The Port is witness to new restaurants opening often, exciting events and of course a stunning view of the Yarkon River.
The Arab riots of 1936 effectively paralyzed the Jaffa port, which was, up until then, the singular passageway for goods entering and exiting Israel. The Tel Aviv Port was built as a result between 1936 and 1938 and served as a crucial gateway for the Hebrew colony of the time. 1948 saw the first ship of Jewish immigrants arriving in the Tel Aviv Port under the blue and white flag of the new State. When the Ashdod Port opened in 1965, the Tel Aviv Port was shut down and for the following twenty years the port was miserably quiet. In the eighties, the port was shaken out of its slumber to become a thriving center of nightlife, water sports and leisure. Today, the port is no longer functioning but remains a busy, young and hip hang-out at all times of day and night.
The area stretching from the southern bank of the Yarkon River to three-hundred yards south of the water line is home to countless eateries, entertainment venues and nightlife. For the hungry among us, Gilly's restaurant offers top-notch gourmet breakfasts, Shalvata is a great place for a coffee and there are too many other options to even be listed…

As far as nightlife is concerned, the biggest club is unarguably TLV with a flexible schedule that includes occasional parties, with an emphasis on house and trance music. Whisky-a-go-go is a red-hot bar known to draw famous Israeli personalities and features a lounge, dance bar and dining place. Shablol, a jazz club, offers a very different kind of experience, with live performances every night.
Fairs and festivals often spice up the area such as the Antique Fair that takes place, weather-permitting, on Saturdays between 10:00 AM and 8:00 PM. Strains of Jazz can be heard as Jazz concerts take place after 12:00 AM. Summer months see a wide variety of events so it's worthwhile checking what's on before heading down.  A breathtaking event is the pluralistic Kabbalat Shabbat that takes every other Friday evening place during the summer months. Come and mingle with hundreds of Israelis who have arrived to welcome with songs, poems and music the Shabbat day.


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Nice but nothing special reviewed July 29, 2013

the place is pleasant, i'll give it that, but not any more special than the many other similar places in TA...let's just say it's not worth making a special trip to the port...
nice biking trail, good food, expensive prices reviewed February 21, 2013

we, a group of friends, biked around the around and then ate dinner at the port- we had a great time- although beware- the food can be a bit pricey
great spot for lunch/dinner reviewed February 14, 2013

beautiful views, good food and great place to people watch!!

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