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Park HaYarkon Park HaYarkon, with the Yarkon River running right through it, is the Central Park of Tel Aviv. rating : 4.5 4.5 0 out of 5 / 40 votes

Park HaYarkon is the unofficial yet universal name for Ganei Yehoshua (Yehoshua Gardens) which was named after Yehoshua Rabinovitch, Tel aviv's mayor between 1969 and 1974. Park HaYarkon is so-called due to the Yarkon River (the longest coastal waterway in Israel) that runs through the park. Park HaYarkon is an urban park that is located in Tel Aviv that is visited by approximately sixteen million people annually. Rokach Boulevard can be found on the northern side and Bavli on the south.
Park HaYarkon is often fondly referred to as the "Central Park" of Tel Aviv. In the busy metropolitan city of Tel Aviv, the park offers a kind of retreat for local residents and visitors. The park is filled with people exercising, playing and spending quality time together in natural surroundings. Weekends see the park buzzing with visitors as, seemingly, all of Israel gravitate towards the green oasis that is Park HaYarkon.

There are a great  number of activities on  offer in Park HaYarkon:
• There is a miniature golf course at the north bank of the Yarkon River that provides wholesome family fun
• In the large sports centre (called Sportec) in the western side of the park, there are basketball and rollerblade courts, football fields and even a wall climbing facility that provides all the equipment needed (50 NIS a climb)
• The eastern side of the park has many open spaces and activity areas that are suitable for the entire family, such as picnic areas, pony riding, a bird park (entrance fee 47 NIS), a tropical garden, pedal boat rental (70NIS per hour) , kayak and small motor boat rentals (150 NIS per hour)and bike rental.
• The Rock Garden in Park HaYarkon is one of the largest of its kind in the world and is an astonishing reflection of the geological diversity in Israel.
• Annual events take place in the park, such as the City Taste Festival and performances by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and the New Israeli Opera.
• Search for animal life alongside the Yarkon River- despite being famously polluted, there are an abundance of insects and animals living in the area.
If you're looking for a relaxed, enjoyable day out in Tel Aviv and are craving some greenery, be sure to head down to Park HaYarkon.


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