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Tel Aviv Bars

Considering its size, Tel aviv has made an astonishingly world-wide name for itself as a city with an incredible nightlife scene. Tourists and locals alike know that Tel Aviv is the place to come to for a sleepless night spent partying, drinking and having a great time. Nightlife here begins late with parties only beginning to warm up around 1:00/2:00 a.m.
 The drinking scene in Tel Aviv is not restricted to weekends, with people dropping in to bars every day of the week. It's hard to keep track of the bars in Tel Aviv because there are new places opening and closing all the time. Any decent bar will have an extensive world-wide selection of alcohol on offer due to the lack of a unique drinking culture in Israel. Having said that, beer is definitely the most popular drink which is probably on account of the warm weather.
Tel Aviv is known for being inundated with bars of every kind imaginable but it is worthwhile knowing the areas that have an unusually large amount of bars;
•    The Tel Aviv Port (known in Hebrew as the "Namal") is full of clubs, pubs and restaurants, is extremely busy on weekends and attracts people from all over the city.
•    Dizengoff-Ben Yehuda St. is full of chic bars that are packed every day.
•    The Boardwalk (known as the "Tayelet") is another beach area that is full of leisure establishments. This is the more "touristy" area of the nightlife scene in Tel Aviv that locals try to avoid.
•    Allenby St.  is one of the longest streets in the city and has some of the places that have been open the longest in the city.
•    Nahalat Binyamin Area is the place for the sophisticated among us, with good drinks being assured in these places.
•    Florentin attracts the artsy and indie crowd and promises a hip and fun night out.
•    King George St. - on the upper side of the street there are some alternative cafes and bars worth checking out.
•    Ibn Gvirol is an area that has been developing of late into a pubbing area with some of the best clubs in Tel Aviv.
•    Habarzel offers rather commercialized and upscale places due to it being developed to accommodate the high-tech industry around it.
•    Karlibach is a new clubbing area with pubs sprouting up on every corner.

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Mate on Dizengoff is one of the Mate chain of bars in Tel aviv. Mate bars are known for their richly varied food and alcohol menus, alternative rock and punk music, sporting event viewings and much more.
Mate, Dizengoff has a bar and tables to sit around, a fun-loving crowd yet usually mellow atmosphere. There's happy hour between 16:00 and 20:00 with buy one, get one free on the alcoholic drinks.
Mate, Dizengoff has the facilities to hold events, has parking, private rooms and is not kosher. Cash and cards are acceptable forms of payment.
Mate, Dizengoff is situated at 226 Dizengoff, is open every day, Sun-Thu 16:00-last customer, Fri 12:00-last customer, Sat 14:00-last customer, 03-524-1615.

A small wine bar in the middle of the chic neighborhood of Florentin, Methuselah is a wine store by day and calm wine bar by night. Pleasant music, an extensive wine list and qualitative food come together to create a friendly wine bar that is ideal for a date or a quiet night out.

Rosa Parks is a chilled-out bar with a thirty-plus crowd with a two-storey bar that looks out onto the street. The elegant bar is a particularly trendy one and the kind of people who frequent it are clearly upward mobile. The music is Chill-out, Balkan, Groove, Israeli and Lounge. 

Happy hour is between Sunday and Thursday between the hours of 19:00 and 21:30 and one can buy certain drinks and get one free. Rosa Parks is not kosher.

Ozen Bar is the heart of local independent and alternative music, located on the first floor of a stunning old building in the center of Tel aviv. The bar is situated above the store called The Third Ear. Local music, both Hebrew and English, are on offer at Ozen Bar. An entry fee may be requested if you arrive at the beginning of a performance. This is the perfect place to get a taste of the local music scene from all different genres.

HaShoftim is one of the oldest neighborhood bars in Tel aviv, with a bunch of loyal locals, an older, mellower crowd on the whole and traditional pub food. One can sit at the bar or alternatively enjoy a meal at one of the tables whilst absorbing the jazz, blues and rock that float through the bar.
HaShoftim is open seven days a week, Sun-Thu 12:30 'til the last customer leaves, Fri 20:30 'til the last customer leaves and Sat 18:00 'til the last customer leaves.
There is parking and a smoking area, one can pay with cash or card.  HaShoftim is not kosher.

Not far from the famous Rothschild Blvd stands the ultra-hip underground club- Radio E.P.G.B.

If you are looking for the alternative night life, art and fashion scene- this is the place to go.

Free shows, live DJ's from all around the world and a varied alcohol bar- are only few of the reasons why this place is so hipe.

Abraxas is one of the pioneers of the bar scene on Lilenblum Street which is the official place to bar-hop in Tel aviv, opening over a decade ago. The bars and pubs on the street seem to open and be closed down rapidly, but throughout all this, Abraxas has remained the steady rock. Perhaps it is the attention paid to the music, the quality of the food or the fact that the clientele are not too young- one has to be over 24 to enter. Either way, Abraxas is the place to go for some downright quality music, with each night seeing a different line of music, accompanied by a high quality bar with a rich menu.

The charming Bialik Café on Allenby Street offers classic Israeli café fare and is known for its excellent coffee and drinks. What really makes this establishment stand out is that it hosts local musicians almost every evening as well as showcase exhibitions by young artists. The atmosphere is laid-back, the food tasty and the staff very friendly.

Think classy, think retro, think MishMish. Mishmish is a cocktail lounge, with a cozy atmosphere and laidback feeling where, in contrast to too many other entertainment venues, one can actually hear the person you're conversing with. With romantic lighting, slightly darker design and a spacious yard with couches, MishMish has a lovely vibe that makes it a popular venue for birthday parties and bachelorette parties.
MishMish is not kosher and has a wide-ranging menu with plenty of finger food. Traditional cocktails are mixed expertly.
MishMish has access for the disabled and parking, as well as a smoking area and one pay with cash or card.

Saloona is an art-oriented lounge bar that is situated in the Noga neighborhood of Jaffa- since it's opening in 2004, this bar has been immensely popular. The bar hosts a huge number of events that place it among the leading venues for high quality content events. The stunning décor, excellent music and great ambience make Saloona a bar not to be missed!
Saloona features a long bar, intimate seating and areas for smokers in the front yard. Saloona often hosts art exhibitions and showcases up-and-coming local artists. Groove, Funk, Rock and Lounge can all be heard here.
Levontin 7, one of the hottest stages in Tel-Aviv for live shows. performances range from electronic music to rock and jazz. Upstairs you can find a comfortable bar with good varied music(usually by a live dj).

Armadillo is a neighborhood bar- one of the many hippy yet casual bars that have been opened in the middle of residential areas to provide casual places to drink. Armadillo has become a firm favorite due to the unpretentious atmosphere, pleasant ambience and relaxed atmosphere. Armadillo has an intimate feel to it and from time to time there are small musical sessions with leading artists.

The pub has a somewhat surprising menu, with renowned chef Eyal Shani at it's helm, producing special Georgian cuisine.

Tsuzamen (a Yiddish word meaning "together"), is a neighborhood music bar that strives to be a place that provides excellent service, excellent music and excellent prices. The pub aims to accept everyone, musicians and customers alike, and to provide them with the best possible service. Young musicians perform on a daily basis; the goal being to expose customers to artists who do not appear on playlists- young, diverse, original and live talent.
The alcohol menu in Tsuzamen offers a variety of beers, vodkas and whiskeys, tequilas, liquor, cognacs and cocktails, to name just a few.

The Margoza Bar is the first pub in the flea market area of the city and is a fantastic place to hang out. A favorite with locals and visitors, Margoza Bar has a great soundtrack, a fabulous atmosphere and is known throughout the city. The beers and liquor on offer are excellent and there are also delicious accompanying dishes.

Haminzar ("The Monastery" in English) is a fantastic little pub that has been, and continues to be, one of the classic Tel Avivian pubs. Haminzar is open 24/7 and depending on the crowd you're looking for you should choose the time of your day you visit- adults of age 35+ tend to be there in the afternoons, the younger crowd of 25 pluses, start coming in the evening and the soldiers land here on Fridays.
The food portions are generous and there are food and alcohol happy-hours between 10:00 and 20:00. Chili con carne, hand-made sausages and Friday-afternoon specials are among the featured foods. The "Talibe Beer" is the famous, rarely-found beer that one can enjoy in Haminzar.

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