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Armadillo Armadillo bar; a hippy yet casual bar with an unpretentious atmosphere. rating : 3.5 3.5 0 out of 5 / 17 votes

Armadillo is a neighborhood bar- one of the many hippy yet casual bars that have been opened in the middle of residential areas to provide casual places to drink. Armadillo has become a firm favorite due to the unpretentious atmosphere, pleasant ambience and relaxed atmosphere. Armadillo has an intimate feel to it and from time to time there are small musical sessions with leading artists.

The pub has a somewhat surprising menu, with renowned chef Eyal Shani at it's helm, producing special Georgian cuisine.


address: 51 Ehad Ha'am Street

Open Hours: Open every day, Sun-Thu 18:00-02:00, Fri 20:00-03:00 and Saturday 19:00-03:00

Categories : Nightlife , Bars

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