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Brasserie Restaurant Classy and simple French food served twenty-four hours a day in the center of Tel Aviv. rating : 5 5 0 out of 5 / 24 votes

Brasserie opened in 2003 and refused to be categorized- it was upscale, open twenty-four hours a day and was in the city centre. Eight years later and this gem attracts famous Israeli personalities from all walks of life. With it's dark furniture and mustard-colored walls teamed with the French menu (also comes in Hebrew and English), this restaurant evokes memories of Paris and their wide assortment of dishes does justice to the French.
The menu is classically Parisian and simple to boot. No matter what hour of the day or night you pop in, breakfast foods, pastas, seafood and meats are on offer; good quality food and efficient service; making the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable


address: 70 Ibn Gabirol Street

phone: 03-696-7111

Open Hours: 24/7

Categories : Restaurants

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Jeff K
A Most Fine Branch reviewed June 15, 2013

We returned to Brasserie for brunch where we ordered Shakshuka (Creole eggs), Mille-feuilles asparagus eggs, some pastries and brilliantly concocted cocktails. However, our Shakshuka was burnt at its bottom so when we complained, the restaurant served us with delicious almond croissants. Safe to say, I found both the service and the food here most exemplary.
A Contemporary Place with Brilliant Food reviewed October 15, 2012

Brasserie had a hustling bustling atmosphere with a mélange of people constantly shuffling in and out of the restaurant. We, therefore realized that we’d found our way into one of the trendiest places in town. The staff was very amicable and on its toes. The food was contemporary-meets-classic and our French cuisine consisted of a fresh cheese plate, steak tartare, Classic American burgers, and BLT. We also tried a very well cooked dish of fish and chips with excellent and fresh tartar sauce and a special on the menu consisting of Linguini with shrimps dipped in a sauce made of olive oil, garlic and delicious herbs.The best part was that the food wasn’t really creative; rather it just served its purpose of being plain old delicious. Moreover, the French tart we had was a cherry on the top and a great ending to a superb meal!

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