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Tel Aviv Restaurants

Tel aviv has an astonishing variety of restaurants and one can be sure to find the place that caters to the specific cuisine that you desire when out and about in the city. Fast-food joints with both international and Israeli food choices, caf?s with expansive light menus, elegant restaurants with gourmet dishes, fresh-fruit stands and, of course, ice cream parlors are just some of the options.
The legendary Abu Hasan in Jaffa is famous for it's authentic Arab Hummus and is one of the famous fast-food places that Israel is famous for.  Raphael is a chic bistro which emphasis use of local produce and draws inspiration from cooking methods from around the world- it is also considered to be one of Tel Aviv's most elegant restaurants.  High-quality Kosher restaurants can also be found in Tel Aviv, including Lilith, a fine establishment that successfully juggles social awareness; teenagers-at-risk are employed as kitchen-staff in an attempt to introduce them to the professional world; and impressive culinary delights. Ice-cream parlors in Tel Aviv are an adventure-unto-themselves with traditional flavors found alongside weird and wonderful flavors such as alcohol liqueurs and the Middle-Eastern sweet Halva.
These are a just a mere handful of the exciting eating opportunities that Tel Aviv has to offer…

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Jaffa is known for it's countless Hummus places. There a good ones, excellent ones and then there's Abu Hassan (or as it also known, Ali Karavan). The usual Hummus experience is a warm welcome and black coffee and baklava at the end of the mea. Abu Hassan serves Hummus with/without fava beans, massabha and whole chickpeas. The "triplet" dish contains all three. The Hummus is served in moments and is finished in not much more time than it took for it to arrive.
Abu Hassan is a second-generation Hummus maker who uses his mother's recipe, claims there is no favorite ingredient but the tens of people who flock to his legendary place will refuse to believe that. The atmosphere is friendly, the food simple, delicious and the best Hummus you can get in Israel according to many.

Kalamata restaurant is located in the heart of beautiful Old jaffa. Kalamata is a great combination of modern & authentic - the food, the design, the view- all creates a welcoming, warm atmosphere. The rich varied menu is inspired by the colorful greek cuisine as well as other Middle-Eastern countries and corresponds with the culinary tradition of Jaffa.

Chef Salad is a Kosher, vegetarian high quality salad bar. A place where you can put together your own meal. Together with the salads, you can find in the menu a great selection of sandwiches, Quiches and pastas, made freshly every day.

This restaurant, situated at the eastern entrance to the charming Neve tzedek neighborhood says all that needs to be said in it's name- die-hard carnivores, look no further- The Place For Meat is the only place you need to visit in Tel aviv. The restaurant takes their meat very seriously with a meat-aging room and butcher's room on site. In addition, there is a fabulous wine list to compliment the meats with the wines treated just as seriously as the wine; stored in a special steel refrigerator.
The view from the restaurant windows offers a view of the modern, apartment tower side of Neve Tzedek, whereas the view from the balconies offers a view of the red rooftops of the neighborhood as well as those meandering through it's alleyways. The ambience in the restaurant is welcoming and relaxed and a long sofa is in place for those in need of some rest before they get back on their way.

Messa is a stunningly decorated haute-cuisine restaurant with a name as one the most desirable places to be seen and a price tag that matches. The white-on-white design of the restaurant is daring and there are two long communal tables running down the length of the dining room, surrounded by white upholstered armchairs.  These tables are surrounded by open areas that contain more conventional tables.
The talented chef Aviv Moshe creates gourmet dishes that are constantly changing with rich meat dishes, stunning appetizers, delectable seafood and refreshing salads, all accompanied by a well-thought-out wine list. Combinations of various tastes that seem impossible and taste heavenly and fine, raw ingredients make the food truly spectacular and a meal at Messa is far beyond a mere meal- it is a true culinary experience.

Brasserie opened in 2003 and refused to be categorized- it was upscale, open twenty-four hours a day and was in the city centre. Eight years later and this gem attracts famous Israeli personalities from all walks of life. With it's dark furniture and mustard-colored walls teamed with the French menu (also comes in Hebrew and English), this restaurant evokes memories of Paris and their wide assortment of dishes does justice to the French.
The menu is classically Parisian and simple to boot. No matter what hour of the day or night you pop in, breakfast foods, pastas, seafood and meats are on offer; good quality food and efficient service; making the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable

Suzanna is one of Tel aviv's treasures- located in the scenic Neve tzedek neighborhood, it has been successfully serving classic Mediterranean dishes for over a decade. The beautiful terrace surrounded by chirping birds and with the magnificent view of the sea sets the scene for a delightful culinary experience in the heart of Neve Tzedek. It can be said, hand over heart, that every single one of the dishes served in this restaurant looks and smells as good as it tastes; amazing.
The restaurant bustles at all hours due to the incredible food, lovely atmosphere and interesting mix of clientele.

Orna & Ella has been open for almost twenty years and in that time has made quite the name for itself. The non-pretentious atmosphere in the establishment, the top-notch homemade gourmet food and the reasonable prices are all the reasons why this thriving business has customers coming back time after time.
Traditional Israeli dishes can be found on the menu as well as several surprising dishes. Soups, salads, meats, pastas and the legendary sweet potato pancakes all feature as do weekly specials. Every single dish is prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients.  The location of the restaurant on the charming Shenkin street makes Orna & Ella the perfect place to pop into when out shopping with friends or even as a date spot.

Vicky Cristina is located in the new Tachana complex, located between the Neve tzedek neighborhood and the Mediterranean Sea. Located in a spacious patio, under an ancient rubber tree, the tapas restaurant, Vicky, is located on the right side of the patio, whereas the wine bar, Cristina, is located on the left. The tapas restaurant is characterized by its intimate setting, soft background music and leisurely opening hours that begin in the early afternoon. The wine bar opens daily from 19:00.

Diners sit on high bar stools around the garden; enjoy Spanish music, 120 different wines, flamenco dancing and an all-round great atmosphere. Vicky Cristina is a way to enjoy two worlds- those of tapas and wine- at the same time.

Tapeo is a Tapas-Ceviche Bar that combines the Tapas from Spain with the Ceviche from South-America and serves them in a lively, Spanish atmosphere. There are a wide variety of Spanish dishes on offer which are made using the finest ingredients. In the center of the restaurant is a large bar that offers an infinite choice of original cocktails alongside alcoholic drinks and a wine menu with an emphasis on Spanish and Israeli wines.

The Shampina Bar is located in what once the Ben Nahum Hotel- a beautiful building with a special roof-top on the corner of Rothschild Boulevard and Allenby Street. It was designed in 1921 by Judah Magidovitch, Tel aviv's first city engineer.

Akram Hummus is located on the trendy Shenkin Street in Tel aviv. The food is delicious, the service warm and friendly and one can sit-in or take-out. Their hummus, falafel and salad are great, made by the young couple who make the food and serve it with a smile.

The name of this restaurant- a cross between the Hebrew word for Zebra (Zebra) and bird (Tzippor)- should give the first hint to the uniquely outstanding experience that this restaurant provides. Avi Conforti owns this Southern Tel aviv Asian style restaurant and it has been open since 2007. The décor is  incredible with the artificial black marble surfaces and weaved, wooden ceilings and walls and is the first introduction to the meeting between East and West that takes place within these walls.
Customers often find the dishes very different to any other Asian food that they've ever eaten, with Indian, Chinese, Thai and Japanese influences working together in tantalizing dishes that delight the taste buds.  A truly extraordinary dining experience.

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